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2013 Convention Auction

Here are the items we have so far for the Convention Auction. We will be adding new items frequenty, so check back often. We expect to have at least one CT-100 and two RCA TRK-120s in the auction.

Dave Blewette is selling the things in his collection, which is too extensive to bring to the convention. Take a look at a tour of his collection, and, if you see anything that you'd like Dave to bring to the convention, let him know.

CRTs were tested on a Beltron, 1.0 = excellent

Auction Rules:


  • There will be both a live and silent auction. We will put the more valuable items in the live auction, the rest will go in the silent auction.
  • Items can be delivered to the museum up until 8 am on the day of the auction.
  • Seller may set a reserve (public or hidden) or a starting bid amount.
  • If the item sells, the museum will deduct a 10% commision from the sale price. This commission will be used to support the museum's operation.
  • Payment to the seller will be made by check at the end of the auction.


  • Bidders must attend the convention. However, if you don't attend and want to bid, you can designate someone at the convention to bid for you.
  • Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card or PayPal. There will be a 3% surcharge for credit card payments.
  • Items must be removed from the museum at the end of the convention unless arrangements are made with us to leave them for a period of time.
  • We will help to arrange shipping, but won't do packing.

A1: Motorola Y21K27 (recapped)

CRT = Good

A2: RCA CTC-11

CRT = 0

A3: Tektronix 545 Scope

A4: Philco UE 4607

CRT = 0

A5: Magnavox MV23A

CRT = .8

A6: RCA 21 D8525U

CRT = ?

A7: Philco AT 2280

CRT = .8

A8: RCA 17T150

CRT = .9

A9: Zenith L2742W

CRT = Weak

A10: Philco Predicta

CRT = Good

A11: General Electric 801

CRT =.9

A12: Zenith T1980-2

CRT = .1.0

A13: Zenith G2340R

CRT = .8

A14: Sentinel IU70T

CRT = 0

A15: Zenith 522 GUI

CRT = .8

A16: RCA 14PD9030

CRT = .8

A17: RCA 8T244

CRT = very weak

A18: Motorola TS14B

CRT = .8

A19: Zenith J2736

CRT = 0

A20: Motorola TS14B

CRT = .8

A21: RCA 19"

CRT = 0

A22: Empty Cabinet

A23: Emerson

CRT = .8

A24: Crosley 9-403MA

CRT = .8

A25: Admiral 36R37

CRT = 1.0

A26: CBS Columbia 22C07

CRT = 1.0

A27: Crosley 24AV Radio

A28: Admiral 19A11

CRT = Bad

A29: Crosley 9-403MA

CRT = .9

A30: Philco UE 4667

CRT = 0

A31: Philco 53-T-2260 (recapped)

CRT = Good

A32: Dumont RA-113 (recapped, 17BP4 replaced)

CRT = Good

A33: RCA 9-T-246

CRT = 0

A34: Philco 10L31 (Recapped)

CRT = Good

A35: RCA CT-100

A36: RCA TRK-120. More pictures

A37: TRK-120 cabinet. More Pictures

A38: Plymouth M510A

CRT = 0

A39: General Electric 17C107

CRT = .3

A40: Crosley F-17TOLH table model on stand

CRT = weak but usable

A41: Zenith L228JR

CRT = Weak but usable

A42: 17 inch Muntz tabletop

CRT = ?

A43: RCA CTC-10 Wynnewood

CRT = Excellent