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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set

Early Television We have yet to acquire a 1954 RCA ad for the CT-100.

This is the closest thing to a Merrill ad that has been received so far, but we do have Xerox copies of store ads placed in 1954 newspapers. This full-page magazine ad is for six tubes used in the first RCA color television set. Four of the tubes -- two octals, a 9-pin miniature, and the tricolor kinescope -- were new designs for color television.

This display ad was sponsored by RCA's Harrison, New Jersey tube manufacturing facility. And although we believe all 15GP22s were made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, there was apparently an attempt to manufacture 15G's in, hold yur shorts, Brazil. It was unsuccessful. Thus far, however, that story has not been substantiated.

According to this ad, the 6AN8 was designed specifically for use in color television sets. Both the CTC-2 and CTC-2B extensivly use the 6AN8, a Medium-Mu-Triode Sharp-Cutoff-Pentode, and 1955s CTC-4 reduced-tube chassis used two. Also new for color tv was the 6BD4 Sharp-Cutoff Beam Triode (the high-voltage regulator) and the 3A3 high voltage rectifier, all according to the ad.

The 6BY6 pentagrid converter, used for I and Q demodulaton, and the 6AU4GT damper diode were the two existing tubes covered in the ad and roundout a copywriter's attempt to corral servicemen into the RCA after-market camp.

This ad was published in the May 1954 issue of "Radio&Television News" on page 89 and was supplied by Rob, who is restoring a Westinghouse H840CK15. Thanks, Rob. --Pete