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Early Television

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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set

This CBS-Columba, Inc. set did not suffer such blackouts -- it was designed and built with a manual switching system that drove it (Model 12CC2) into standard NTSC black-and-white mode if color wasn't being broadcast, which was virtually all the time.

The third paragraph of the text notes: "This amazing dual receiver enables you to enjoy not only
color television but your favorite black and white programs as well, with the flick of a switch."

Two years later, after compatible color television was launched, all color sets switched between color and b&w automatically.

Early Television

Only two of these sets survived.
Very few consumers bought these sets.
By the end of 1951 the sets were bought back
by the manufacturer and destroyed. One remains
in the Smithsonian and another in a California museum.

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