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Early Television

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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set



Vintage documentation specifies the optical output of a 15GP22 at about 15 foot-lamberts. Doesn’t sound very bright, and it isn’t. As in the first public showing of a 15GP22 displaying a network color television show, it’s best viewed in subdued light.

Early Television

Room light bounces off the CT-100 safety glass. Room light bounces off the 15GP22 phosphor dot plate. Room light bounces off the walls, the ceiling, and even up from the hardwood floor.

Early Television

All that light bounces off all that stuff and into viewer’s eyes to make the video dull, less brilliant, reduce contrast, and generally help to wash out an excellent video image from the face of that vintage tricolor CRT.


Even so, as shown here, a CT-100 can be ‘pushed’ to display your Sunday morning news show in daylight, so you can watch your professional politicians spin. You can even wish for the good old days when CT-100s were big news themselves.

                                                (Created 11-27-2005 )