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Serial Numbers

12-08-2003 REPORT. Caveat: This list is a sample of the full list, which as you may suspect, can also lack complete data on each set in the tally. For example, often, I will receive notice of a newly discovered CT-100 from a reliable source, but for one reason or another, that set may not be fully identified by all four serial numbers, or the owner wishes anonymity, and so forth.

Updating this published list is unfortunately on a low-priority list of things to do. But if someone has a particular interest in the list, within the bounds of confidentiality that have been established, I do try to accommodate the inquiry.
--Pete, 3 Oct. 2006.

20 May 2007. Active lists of all known CT-100 and 21-CT-55 chassis serial numbers are available on this site through these links. The CT-100 employs the CTC-2 chassis and the 21-CT-55 the CTC-2B chassis:
CT-100 , 21-CT-55 .

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