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Water Damage

Early Television
Ruined in a 1993 Mississippi flood, this set reportedly had been operational. It gives some hope that someday the 15GP22 can be salvaged in working condition.

Thanks to Phil Dudley for the photograph and the following story:

I found a CT-100 that was a victim of the Flood of '93. I heard that it was still in the possession of the TV shop that originally bought it from RCA. The guy who still owns the shop is 85 years old and still goes in everyday.

The shop is about 30 miles from St. Louis, which was way out in the "boonies" in '54. He never sold the set, but he moved it do his storage building down in the river bottoms.

The flood apparently hit quite suddenly, and there wasn't time to rescue anything before the water got too high. The CT-100 was reportedly working before the flood. He lost other TV sets, radios, literature, and Lord knows what else.

I went to take a look at the set last summer [2002] when it was about 110 in the shade. I stuck my hand in the back of the set as best as possible. The 15GP22 socket seemed to be crumbling between my fingers. I'd had enough heat (and mud daubers flying around my head) for one day. I left, vowing to return to at least try to get a serial number...


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