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Early Television

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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set

CT-100 caretakers who generously contribute the serial numbers of their wards to the Living CT-100 list sometimes are unaware of the location of the numbers.

Check the locale of serial numbers, ballast resistor, and factory lead-dress.

Early Television

YELLOW in the upper right circles the embossed cabinet and lid serial number. The third cabinet serial number (hopefully, one that matches the others, indicating a factory-original configuration) is found behind the wood insert under the pencil box on the front of the cabinet.

RED surrounds the back of the rectifier cage where the octal-base ballast resistor assembly hangs over the hefty power transformer.

BLUISH (cyan) outline snakes around the yoke-cable shown here with its factory-correct lead dress terminating in another octal base that plugs into the lower right of the high-voltage cage.

GREEN encircles a rivited-to-the-CTC-2-chassis candohm resistor that (occasionally) hides part of the CTC-2 chassis serial number located just below the venerable resistor.