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CTC-13 is, like CTC-1, rumored to have existed only as a developmental color set. No longer a rumour, the CTC-13 was designed and built in 1962 as the progenitor of 21-in. round RCA color television sets that eliminated the safety glass that graced all color sets to that time. The CTC-13 was never marketed. RCA did sell two more vintage round sets, the CTC-15 and CTC-16, both of which were available with implosion-resistant CRTs such as the famous 21FJP22.

There is no schematic record of the CTC-13. However, one of the four CTC-13-based sets that RCA built has survived along with its developmental implosion-resistant CRT. Even more amazing, the set still works. Truly a wonderful
surviving milestone of our color television heritage.