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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set



Here's a page to demonstrate happenings in the Fall and Winter of 2005/2006
for this over half-century-old vintage color television set.

Sesame Street on a CT-100

Seventy-five percent saturated red, green, and blue NTSC to both sets.

Over-the-air black-and-white on a CT-100.

Another OTA side-by-side NTSC comparison.

A cable-ready CT_100?
The KRK-12C tuner in a CT-100 has 16 positions.
The extra four were provided for the then two-year-old UHF band.

Cable channel 78 is a few megacycles from over-the-air UHF channel 25.

Seen here on December 26, 2005, cable channel 78 is being received
using a slightly retuned UHF turret tuner strip.

Below, the CT-100 in subdued daylight.

Dear-to-the-hearts of vintage color television buffs, it's a Rose Bowl Parade on a CT-100. 2006 was the wettest since 1955.
A week-long October storm blew my rooftop antenna 90 degrees CCW and threatened a 21-in. roundie in the basement...
To-be-restored CTC-10 was high enough in the flooded basement
to escape water damage.

My favorite flood-shot of the lake in front of my apartment...

Next here's another shot of
the first RCA high-definition digital (1998) TV
and the first RCA color TV (analog CT-100, 1954)
displaying over-the-air color bars
using an after-the-storm repositioned rooftop antenna seen askew above.
And finally,
this extreme close-up showing over 500 of the
585,000 glowing red, green, and blue phosphor dots in a 15GP22.


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