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The Set: Pete Deksnis's Site about the CT-100

Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set

A dry sunny 2007
Rose Bowl Parade
on a vintage 1954
RCA color CT-100
A word about links in the chain of color reproduction.

The digital camera used to take these screen shots is capable of recording the same range of colors as the video camera taking the parade pictures.
The CT-100 is capable of displaying a greater range of colors than either the digital camera or the video camera standards.

Therefore, the CT-100 can accurately display video camera colors, and the digital camera can accurately capture those colors.

Digital camera pictures on this page were cropped and formatted in Photoshop for display on the web at 72 dpi.

Unless Photoshop is configured to process the range of colors in the digital photographs, color fidelity can be lost.

Unless the computer monitor on which you view these digital photographs can display the range of colors in the digital photographs,
color fidelity will be lost. However, computer monitors typically can reproduce
the range of colors recorded by the video camera that took the parade pictures.

The vintage CT-100 is not the weak link in this modern system of color reproduction.

January 1, 2007
NTSC broadcast from WABC New York.

Focus is good.
Convergence not too bad.
(Could always be better though.)




These next four images well represent the impact of CT-100 color
taken by high definition cameras and transmitted by modern NTSC transmitters.

Parade Finale

CT-100 Convection Cooling