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Early Television

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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set

If it LOOKS like a TK-11 --
the workhorse black and white camera used for many years
in early television broadcasting, including 1954 when NTSC color
was launched and when Connie Mack stadium originated Phillies home games
--it MUST be a TK-11.
Early Television

"This is KYW, Westinghouse broadcasting in Philadelphia."
Actually, this is a contemporary shot with contributor's page entrant and CT-100 owner Dave Abramson manning his personal TK-11. Dave recently modified this camera with a 3-chip upgrade, making it a broadcast-quality color camera. Although his upgrade was not actually put on the air, he assures us that it is fully capable of doing just that. Dave, or was it just his camera, actually made an evening Philadelphia news show that day; when they used the event to fill a few seconds before a commercial break.