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Early Television

In May 2003, after four years of on-again off-again searching,
a photo of my broadcast days was found by my bother Dave
in an old family album in his famous packed-to-the-gills attic.

It's a very young me in front of a Raytheon console fed with a beat-up, old-even-then, spit-bucket of an RCA bidirectional ribbon mic).VU meter in the console was inoperable so we used that "floating" meter on top of the console. Carts hadn't been invented yet, so programs came on 7-in. reel-to-reel tape. Recorded commercials were also on reel-to-reel... there were three tape machines to thread and cue. Find a pile of 60-second spots on 1/4-in. tape wound on mini reels just to the right of the console.

A 1-kW Collins transmitter is on the other side of that window on the left next to the phone. An 807 drove a pair of parallel-connected 4-400's with two more '400's in a push-pull high-level modulator.

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