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Early Television

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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set


Fuse Data

10-31-99 I installed some fuses to protect the set as was recommended by Tom. I did it a slightly different way, though. I bought a 4-fuse strip from Radio Shack and mounted it directly to the right of the ballast tube. I then moved the two fuses that are soldered in behind the ballast to the fuse clip, and added a fuse for the 285- and 275-volt lines. I left the fuse wire in place for the filaments, but I did install a fuse in the cathode of the horizontal output tube.

I came up with about 180 mA for the horizontal output fuse, 260 mA for the 285-volt line and 120 mA for the 275-volt line. So, I am using a 1/4-amp fuse for the horizontal output and the 275-volt line, and a 1/2 amp for the 285-volt line. So far, they haven't blown.
Early Television

Typical installation. This graphic is from the restoration of B8003603 performed in 2005.

Early Television