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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set

RCA CT-100 s/n 108

Early 1990's Photo of B8001338

We are now in communication with Craig. He obtained his CT-100 in 1992 from a collector in Seattle, Washington, who restored it by replacing capacitors and several tubes. "It has been lovingly cared for and only turned on perhaps 20 times, for only about six hours of total usage, while in my possession these last 12 years." Ostensibly, this fully operational CT-100 belongs to Craig, here. Trouble is, I can't confirm it because the picture was provided by a collector who received this graphic from Craig by email a year or so before I got this copy in 2000. My attempts to contact Craig were unsuccessful. Anyway, it's clear that this Merrill exists, so as of 9 January 2001 it is included in the "possible" and "probable" columns of the Living CT-100 list. I don't know that this set still works, so it is not considered fully operational in the tally.

Early Television