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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set

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DVDs for a CT-100
A word about links in the chain of color reproduction.

Tests conducted early in 2007 indicate a tricolor 15GP22 that has survived the ravages of time, temperature, and atmospheric pressure for the last 54 years is fully capable of reproducing the 1953 NTSC color space. Furthermore, it was found — and demonstrated visually at the 2007 Early Television Convention in May — that a calibrated CT-100 is capable of driving a 15GP22 to display this 1953 wide-gamut color space.

Although answers to questions concerning the accuracy of today’s sources of authentic 1953 color video still pend, there is little empirical doubt that a number of commercially available video sources demonstrate the visual chromatic beauty of 1953 color with awe.

Here are some commercially available 3-strip based Technicolor DVDs that I use to demo the exciting color capabilities of ca librated, operational RCA CT-100 color television sets.

Early Television
"Gone with the Wind"
There's a fine drapery-inspired green dress.
A newer 2-disk set is now available.


"Cover Girl"
This 1945 3-strip Technicolor film has Rita Hayworth in a striking red dress.

"Robin Hood"
Best overall color of the bunch to date. Red, green, blue, and purple dominate much of this classic.


Early Television
"My Blue Heaven"
Not particularly memorable for its color but for some vintage TV production scenes.

Early Television
"State Fair"
A few memorable scenes including a countryside panorama early in the movie are noteworthy.

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