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June 10-11 2008

At 4-o'clock in-the-morning of June 11, 2008, Scotty opened his oven.

Early Television

Inside, John Folsom's now-cool 'rebuilt' 15GP22 sat firmly in its vertical perch.
Everything was there, but not everything was right.

Early Television

The day before, it had been 600-degrees Fahrenheit inside that oven when Scotty's thirty years of CRT rebuilding experience detected an errant sound.
He quickly cancelled the automatic pinch-off and cathode-activation procedures.

The evacuation tube had failed at the height of the baking temperature cycle.
It had snapped off where it connects to the button.

Early Television

Thinner and more frail than its huskier counterpart on the right, the new tubulation did not withstand the stress.

Early Television

Since the new cathodes in the delta gun had not been activated, the gun can and will be used again when a stem with a more robust evacuation tube is manufactured.

Early Television

The open neck was covered to keep dirt, bugs, and moisture out until the next rebuild attempt.