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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set

YOU HAVE REACHED what is the rarest prize a 15GP22-based NTSC vintage color television set collector can acquire. The legendary Model 5, the "Rose Bowl" set.

Of course, there may be others under wraps somewhere, waiting to be discovered just as this one was in the summer of 2000, but it is one of only three KNOWN surviving sets. The Model 5 contains a slightly different tube complement: the I and Q demodulators are different, for example. But it is the precursor of the CT-100.

Model fives were never sold to the public. Two hundred or so were built just to demonstrate the January 1, 1954 NTSC color broadcast from Pasadenia, California, famous for its Rose Bowl and annual Tournament of Roses parade.

There is an excellent first-hand account of that initial country-wide colorcast on Ed Reitan's site. Although not now operational, let's speculate that this set received that broadcast, and probably from the NBC station in New York City. Since the Model 5 is pre-production, it used the developmental RCA tricolor picture tube, the C-73599. The most obvious characteristic of a Model 5 is the diamond-shaped wood design in front of the speaker grill cloth; on a CT-100, that wood filigree is vertical and horizontal.

August 2000 photograph.

As you can see, this Model 5 is not quite all there. Besides the obvious in this picture, the ballast is missing. To quote the present owner "This looks OK but would rather have the front control panels covered. How about a note that we are looking for the Pencil-Box and wooden panel insert..."

Please communicate through this site [dexnis60@yahoo.com] if you have any comments, hardware leads, stories, speculation, or information on this rare beauty or its siblings. --Pete

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