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Sealant Info

9-6-00 Received this original information re the vacuum sealant from John Folsom.
The vacuum selant product is VACSEAL, my can says Environment Laboratories, Bolder Co, (303)-443-4090
Curiously, I don't seem to find them out there on the web, but several companies seem willing to sell the stuff (see links below). My can is quite a few years old, so maybe they have been bought out..?

NOTE: As of May 2002, the cost of an aerosol can of vacseal is $49 to about $70 plus shipping.

8-27-02 Here's an operational 15GP22 with a small bead of Vacseal. CT-100 owner Terry Wise used a link above to locate the sealant, which can be seen running under the letters "i" and "t."

Early Television

1-1-04 Since the center of 2003, Vacseal has been hard to find. Whether or not it becomes available again is unknown. Here is a December 2003 email from an alternate source of vacuum sealant.

From: "Dean M. Myers"
To: "pldexnis"
Subject: Re: vacuum seal
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 11:48:57 -0500


The Vacseal made by Environmental Labs, In Bolder, CO was sold by many companies. The first of this year they stopped shipping orders.

Our Celvaseal line is basically the same material; we recommend it for the same use. We offer in the 6-oz aerosol can or 2-oz brush-on bottle for $55 each, and we have it in stock.

Cure time is 24 hours, but this is cure as vacuum seal -- not hard to touch -- so the material can remain "tacky" for a long time if not baked out or one can apply heat with heat gun.

Dean Myers
Early Television

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