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9-24-00 I have owned several CT-100's over the years. As of this moment I do posses a working CT-100 that I purchased about 12 years ago. The set currently provides a bright raster although there is a problem achieving horizontal hold. It comes close but no cigar. The set is complete . All the knobs, back, etc. I purchased the set from an ex RCA employee who got the set from RCA in 1954. His wife did not like the Mahogany finish and had him "antique" it. After I got the set, I stripped the white finish and restored the Mahogany to its original luster. My collection also includes an RCA CTC-5. This is the Deluxe "Wingate" full door model, which can be viewed on Ed Reitan's site.

In regards to the horizontal, I can get it just short of locking in. I have tried to finesse the internal controls to no avail. The set was working perfectly prior to this problem. All the guns were strong. And finally, for your records, the number on the back of the removable top is 917.

Your offer to snail-mail a color copy of the original CT-100 owner's manual for the site is much appreciated. --Pete. ]

9-25-00 [Posted 10-15-00] Pete -- Here's the stuff! The CT-100 manual was not in full color anywhere, only in the red & blue/green
colors of the cover . [ What the link shows is: my scan of a color copy of the cover, made from a color copy of the cover. Now I'm not even sure if that qualifys as a second- or third-generation copy. What it means is that I've "enhanced" the scan in the red and black, but did nothing for the words "television" and "by" and the rules (borders, lines) that my eye sees as very pale green in very dim light. --Pete ]

Early Television