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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set


About Me

You're back. So let's wrap it up:

· When I was twenty, got a job with RCA Service Co. working on the BMEWS Alaska site, a defense project. Stayed in Alaska about two years. Made a few bucks. Learned a lot. First time out on my own.
· Returned to NJ and went back to school for about 18 more months. That's when I found and bought the subject of this restore-a-tv site.
· Now we're around 1964. Got a technical job and in two years became a technical writer.
· By 1971 the market for analog computers was drying up and so did my job, so I sort of changed careers. After looking around, I…
· Joined Davis Publications, a New York City publisher of vertical technical consumer magazines (electronic hobby stuff) and others. Stayed four years in the most fun job I ever had. They were paying me to do what had been my hobby. There's a link below to an audio magazine cover with the Audio Editor (me) playing the part of Boris Karloff.
· Left to freelance. Wrote columns and articles for magazines and started the magazine CB Illustrated in early 1976. There's another link to that cover below. Then, with nearly five years experience under my editorial belt…
· Joined TAB BOOKS in Pennsylvania as editor. Hectic job. Acquired over 100 trade books, mostly technical, and many How To books as well. Interfaced with authors and directed in-house and freelance editors. A few years ago, McGraw Hill gobbled up TAB.
· Returned to New Jersey in March 1979.
· Switched editorial direction to technical education where I have remained, except for six years in the late '80s through early '90s as a test support engineer for a number of defense projects.
· Today I edit multimedia programs in technology used in high schools.
· Thanks to all -- anyone -- who accompanied me on this ego trip.

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