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Vintage Television Sets and Colour Television Sets from the Dawn of Television until Now

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From Nipkow disk to Pocket Colour TV sets

Vintage Television sets and Colour Television sets from the Dawn of Television until Now

A Photogalerie

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First Aid before you power up a vintage tv set

Mechanischer Fernseher Telehor

Mechanical Televisor "Telehor" from 1928

Mechanical 32-line set with scanning disk (System Nipkow) like 1930 *

Mechanischer 32-Zeilen Fernseher mit Nipkow Scheibe
Experimenteller RCA Fernseher von 1931

Worldwide's first RCA cathode ray tube television receiver from 1931

CRT system of Radio AG, D.S. Loewe, Manfred von Ardenne from 1931

Loewe/Ardenne 1931
Telefunken FE III 1934

Telefunken FE III from 1934

Loewe FE B from 1935

Loewe FE B von 1935
Marconi 702 von 1937

Telefunken FE VI from 1937

Marconi Model 702 - Television Sound and Vision Receiver from 1937

Telefunken FE VI 1937
Marconi 707 von 1938

Marconi Model 707 - Television Sound and Vision Receiver from 1938 *

Fernseh AG DE6 from1938

Fernseh AG DE6 1938
Andrea 1F5

Andrea 1F5 from 1939

Telefunken Fernseh - Einheitsempfänger E1 from 1939

Telefunken Fernseh-Einheitsempfänger E1
RCA 9T246

Motorola "VT-71" from 1948*

RCA "9T246" from 1949 *

Motorola 1948
GE 806 from 1949

GE 806 from 1949 *

Philips TX 400 "Hondehok" from 1949

Philips TX 400 from 1949
Emerson 610 (1949)

Emerson 610 from 1949 *

Pye "B18t" from 1949 *

Pye B18t von 1949
Marconi VT73DA (1949)

Marconiphone "VT73DA" from 1949

Deutsche Werke Kiel DE22 from 1950

DE22 von den Deutschen Werken Kiel
Raytheon 1101 (1950)

Raytheon Porthole M1101 from 1949

Pye LV30 from 1950

Pye 1950
Bush TV22

Bush TV22 from 1950

Philips TX500 from 1950 (Hondehok)

SW-Fernseher Philips TX500 von 1950 (Hondehok)
Leningrad T2 von 1952

Sachsenwerk Leningrad T2 (made in the German Democratic Republic) from 1952

Philips TD1410U from 1952 (Starenkasten)

SW-Fernseher Philips TD1410U von 1952 (Starenkasten)
SW-Fernseher Saba "WII" von 1953

Saba Schauinsland WII from 1953

Blaupunkt V52 from 1953

Blaupunkt V52 von 1953
RCA CT-100  von 1954

Color tv set RCA CT-100 "The Merryl" from 1954

Sachsenwerk "Rembrand" FE852E from 1954

SW-Fernseher "Rembrand" FE852E,  von 1954
Aleksandrov Radio Works (ARZ) KVN-49-4(T1) von 1955

Aleksandrov Radio Works KVN-49-4(T1) from 1955 *

Sachsenwerk Rubens FE 855 C from 1956

Sachsenwerk Rubens von 1956
Hofmann Colorcaster von 1955

Color TV set Hoffman Colorcaster M4021A from 1955

Color tv set RCA CTC5, "The Aldrich" from 1956

RCA CTC5, 1956
Grundig 1957

Grundig Zauberspiegel, Type 349 from 1957 *

Philips 17TX291A from 1959

SW-Fernseher Philips 17TX291A von 1959
SW-Fernseher Kuba von 1960

Kuba 1223 from 1960

Experimental colour tv monitor of the GDR from 1963

Versuchs-Farbmonitor aus der DDR von 1963
Farbfernseher Philips K4 von 1964

Colour tv set Philips 21KX100A (K4) from 1964

Color tv set General Electrics Portacolor from 1967 *

Portacolor 1967
Saba Schauinsland T2000 color 1967

Colour tv set Saba Schauinsland T 2000 color from 1967 *

Color tv set Kuba Porta-Color from 1967 *

Portacolor 1967
PALcolor 708

Colour tv set Telefunken "PALcolor 708T" from 1967 *

Colour tv set Telefunken "PALcromat 728T" from 1967

Telefunken PALcromat 1967
Blaupunkt CTV2005 1967

Colour tv set Blaupunkt CTV2005 from 1967

Colour tv set Siemens Bildmeister FF12 from 1967 *

Siemens FF12
Grundig T1110 color 1968

Colour tv set Grundig T1110 color from 1968

Colour tv set Philips D22K862 "van Gogh" (K7) from 1969

Philips D22K862 mit K7-Chassis
RFT Color 20

R-F-T "Color 20" from 1969 *

Telefunken PALcolor 740T from 1970

Telefunken 1969
Rubin 401 von 1970

Moscow Radio-TV Works (MRTZ) Rubin 401-1 from 1970 *

Professional Colour monitor of Fernseh GmbH "MC 47 3 BA" from 1970

Farbmonitor der Fernseh GmbH
Grundig 1970

Grundig Color 2000TD from 1970

Metz "Capri Color 6285" from 1972

Metz 1972
Philips D26K160 06 mit K8D-Chassis

Philips "Goya 110L" from 1972

Telefunken PALcolor 614 from 1973

Telefunken 1973
Sony Trinitron 1972

Sony "Trinitron KV1300E" from 1972 *

Graetz Fähnrich color electronic 2441 from 1974

Graetz Fähnrich color
Raduga 706 von 1977

Leningrad Kozitsky Works: Raduga 706 from 1977 *

Pocket TV set Sinclair FTV1/B from 1983 *

Sinclair FTV1/B
Sony 1984

Video Projector Sony Vidimagic FP-62 with Index-Beam CRT from 1984 *

SONY Colour tv set KVX-370 with Index-Beam CRT from 1989

Casio 2002

Pocket colour tv set Casio EV 570p from 2002 *

Test patterns for tv sets, colour tv sets and PC monitors

The operating of vintage devices: Tips and tricks

Universal Video Board for suppressing of video text and DVD retrace lines

The development of television technology through advertisements


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