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Ed Reitan's Color Television History

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RCA Camden Developmental Color Receivers

Model 1 Color Receiver Front

The First in the Series of Experimental/Preproduction Camden Color Receivers
The Model 1

Color Line

During the FCC hearings on color television in 1949, the Color Products Group of RCA Victor in Camden, began working with RCA Laboratories in their development of the last two triniscope receivers. After the end of the FCC hearings in 1950, the Color Products Group was tasked to develop receivers that could go into practical production. Although they developed two types of slave and converter units, their primary work involved developing complete stand-alone receivers using the new shadow-mask color crt. The Color Products Group of RCA Victor was under the direction of L.R. Kirkwood and Alton J. Torre.

The first receiver, named "Model 1" was produced by April, 1950. The vertical mahogany console is shown above. It is reported that 35 of these units were made. A sampling demodulator was used as that type described in Licensee Bulletin 811. The set consisted of two chassis with 45 tubes. It is shown below:


Model 1 Color Receiver Rear
The Model 1 Used the 16-Inch Metal Cone Color CRT

The Color Products Group would develop five distinct receiver models during RCA's involvement with the National Television System Committee. These receivers supported the variants of color signal standards as they evolved from the initial RCA dot-sequential standards, through the CPA NTSC standard, and to that eventually adopted by the NTSC in March, 1953. The receiver series would culminate with the "Model 5" of which 200 were manufactured for the Rose Parade Colorcast. The Model 5 was the forerunner for the first production color commercial color receiver, the famous "CT-100", with manufacturing starting in March, 1954.

To be continued...... (with a detailed description of all five models)

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