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Early Television Stations

Amateurs in Television Broadcasting

Amateur Television - A Progress Report Radio "Ham" Builds TV Station W6KQ
An Amateur's Television Transmitter RCA 1847 Iconoscope for the Amateur W6UZO
Do Your Own Televising Simplified Ham TV Station W9XAT
G5CV W5XA 2-Way Amateur Television
Meet the Television Hams W6CTT QSL Card  
Military Television Cameras-and the Amateur W6HER  

QST Articles About Amateur Television

Radio Amateurs in the Television Picture, December 1937 Two-Way Television Communication Inaugurated, November 1940
A New Electronic Television Transmitting System for the Amateur, May 1940 New Amateur Television Records on 112 Mc, December 1940
A Receiver for the New Amateur Television System, June 1940 Television in K6 Land, May 1944
Television Camera-Modulator Design for Practical Amateur Operation, October 1940