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Pre-1945 Antennas

Outdoor antennas are required for good reception of TV. Before the war, TV stations had limited transmitter power, and receivers had poor sensitivity, so an antenna was almost a necessity. Here are articles about pre-1945 antennas. Here are some of the antennas used before World War Two:

American Antennas

RCA Field Strength Test Antenna

Don Lee Antenna (1939)

Andrea Teleceptor (1939)

RCA antennas. Top left is a stacked dipole, in the middle is a stacked dipole with reflectors, and at the bottom is a "double V". Right is a photo of the stacked dipole with reflectors. Here are more details , an article in Service magazine, and an ad in Lafayette Radio 1940 catalog.

Popular Mechanics, January 1940

Popular Mechanics, August 1940

General Electric HT-8 and HT-10


From 1942 catalog




This is an earlier RCA antenna, probably for use with their 1936 field trials

Courtesy of Darryl Hock



Service, September 1939





Lafayette Radio 1940 catalog

Radio & Television, July 1940


Popular Science, September 1941 

British Antennas

1936 British TV Antenna

Pye pre-1945 antennas