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British, European & South American TV

When British television resumed in 1946,  it re-started right at the same point in a cartoon where it was shut off in 1939.  Then the announcer Jasmine Bligh came on and said, "Sorry for the interruption of our programme service.  Our next presentation is..."  As if nothing had happened!

By 1947, only 15,000 British homes had television sets, and there was only one TV station, in London. Growth was much slower than in the U.S., with only 344,000 television homes by 1950. By 1949, only one additional station was on the air, in Birmingham.

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British Sets in our collection

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Ambassador TV-2

Baird Townsman

Baird T163

Baird 165 

Bush TV-12/22

Decca 1000

Dynatron Ether Sovereign

GEC BT1091

HMV 1805

HMV 2807

Murphy V114  

Murphy V136

Philips 799

Philips 6027/6028

Pye LV21C

European Sets in our collection

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Compagnie Des Compteurs TV-49 (France)

Grammont 504-A-31(France)

Kuba Komet (Germany)

Philips 14TX100 (Holland)

Philips TX400 (Holland)

Saba P 1026 H (Germany)

Tesla 4001