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Early Television Museum

Postwar Broadcasting

After World War Two the image orthicon became the standard, and in the mid 50s the vidicon was developed.

Postwar American TV stations
Gallery of postwar broadcast equipment
Database of surviving early cameras


More on Postwar Broadcasting
Amateur television broadcasting Industrial television cameras RCA remote television vans
Camera tubes RCA broadcast equipment price sheet - 1948 Remote television vans
George Fathauer founder of Dage Recording Television

These items are in our collection

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Dage Industrial Cameras  

Diamond Power Image Dissector Camera  

DuMont demodulator


General Electric PC-2


General Electric PC-4

ARI Monoscope Test Pattern Generator

DuMont Speaker

General Electric TM-5-A Studio Monitor

RCA ITV-1 Industrial Vidicon Camera

RCA monitors

RCA TD-1 Pedestal

  RCA TJ-48 Van





RCA Transmitter Console

RCA TT-5A Transmitter


RCA "TV Eye" Vidicon Camera

Smith Videotape Splicer

Western Electric Monitor