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Early Television Museum

NOS Monochrome CRTs For Sale

If you are interested in a CRT, please contact the museum.

Recently added

9AEP4 17LP4/17VP4B 20H/F/JP4 23BHP4
10BP4 (good used) 17QP4A 20MP4 23BQP4
12LP4 - 2 17TP4 - 2 21CEP4 - 2 23DBP4
14AJP4A 19ABP4 -2 21CKP4 23DKP4
16AP4A - 3 19AJP4 21CQP4 -4 23DQP4
16CP4B 19BDP4
21DAP4 23EQP4 - 5
16GP4 19BZP4 21DFP4 23EZP4
16CGP4 19CEP4 21EP4 23FJP4
16CHP4 19DBP4 21FP4 23FKP4
16KP4A 19DLP4 21FMP4 23FXP4
16LP4 19DRP4 21GTP4 23GSP4
17BP4A 19EDP4 21MP4 23HLP4
17BWP4 19FEP4 21YP4 23ZP4
17CRP4 19VAUP4 22VACP4 24ATP4
17FP4A 19XP4A 22VARP4 24AUP4
17KP4/17RP4A 20HP4C 23AH//AU/ASP4 - 5