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Early Television Museum

NOS Monochrome CRTs For Sale

If you are interested in a CRT, please contact the museum.

Numbers by used tubes indicate reading on our B & K 466 tester (a reading of 50 or higher is good)

Recently added

3KP1 17CRP4 19DRP4 23BHP4
3NP4 (good used) 17DAP4 (used - 60)  19EDP4 23BQP4 
5TP4 (used - 70. No burns) 17DC/DJP4 19EQP4 23DBP4 
8XP4 17DWP4 19FEP4  23DQP4
8YP4 17FP4 19XP4A 23EQP4 - 5
9AEP4 17GP4 20H/F/JP4 23EZP4
10BP4 (used - 60) 17QP4A 20MP4 23JFP4
10KP4 (used - 70) 17TP4 - 2 21CEP4  23GSP4
12BFP4 18VAUP4 21CQP4 -3 23HLP4 
12VCB4 ( used - 90) 19AJP4 21DFP4 23ZP4 
14AUP4 19AYP4 21FP4 24ATP4 
16AP4A (used - 80)  19BDP4 21FAP4 24AVP4 
16CGP4 19BQP4 21FMP4  24MP4
16CHP4 19BZP4 21GTP4 TP-400 (good used)
16DP4 (used 70) 19CEP4 22VACP4  
16FP4 (used 90) 19CGP4 22VARP4  
16LP4 19DLP4 23AH/AU/ASP4 - 4