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Picture Tubes

Pre-1945 Picture Tubes

American Television Institute CRT manufacturing Philco CRT Welding - 1944 Schmidling projection CRT
DuMont 14AP4 manufacturing RCA Encourages Amateurs Sylvania CRTs
Dumont intensifier RCA 12AP4 manufacturing 1939 list of American CRTs
French CRT manufacturing Rebuilding pre-1945 CRTs 1943 CRT data sheets
National Union CRTs Rosing CRT - 1912  

*Indicates the tube is on display at the museum

American CRTs

Western Electric 224-B* (1927). Oscilliscope CRT.

Bell System Technical Journal article

(Courtesy of John Folsom)

Experimental 5 inch CRT* (ca 1930) Used in early TV tests

RCA experimental CRT* (#695) (1934)

(Donated by Chuck Azzalina)

Experimental late 30s CRT

(donated by Chuck Azzalina)

3AP4* (906-P4) (3 inch) sold by RCA for home experimenters (1937)

Shortwave & Television, May 1938

Bell Labs CRT

1939 projection CRT using multiple rings to improve focus

Courtesy of Chuck Azzalina

DuMont 9 inch (1939)

RCA 1800* (1939)

144-9/T/14AP4* used in early DuMont 14 inch sets (1938)

DuMont 20AP4 20AP4 (1940)

12AP4* (12 inch) used in U.S. mirror in lid sets (1939)

Philco ion trap CRT (1939)


Rectangular, flat faced CRT used in 1941 CBS color experiments

RCA tube used in TRK-12 projection set prototype

British/European CRTs


Baird/Rauland projection tube (1939)

1930/31 Ardenne CRT, used in Flying Spot Scanner

On loan from Bob Dobush

Telefunken 50 cm (1938)

Ardenne 1933 projection CRT

Cossor 1935 12 inch CRT

Compagnie des Compteurs 3"* (1936)

Cossor 3272* (13.5 inch) used in Cossor 137T (1936)

Baird 15MW3 Cathovisor* (15 inch) used in Baird T-5 and T-23 (1936) Advertisement 

Courtesy of Dave Abramson   

Emiscope 6/6* (12 inch) used in early HMV and Marconi mirror in lid sets (1937)

Emiscope 3/3 (9 inch) (1937)

Emiscope 3/1* (5 inch), used in early HMV and Marconi sets (1937)

Safar VS 4/35 (1938)

Cossor 3244 (5 inch) used in Cossor 54 (1938)

Mazda CRM-71 (7 inch). Used in Ekco TA-201 and TS-201 (1938)

Mazda CRM-121* (12 inch) first made in 1938, but used in British sets until the early 50s.

1938 German CRT* used in the Fernseh A. G. FE-VI

EMI R5161 (1938) Used in Marconi 708 (1938)

Telefunken RFB/T2. 19.5 x 22.5 cm. First rectangular CRT (1939)

HMV 1800 tube (12 inch). Notice the unusual neck.(1939)

Lorenz 50 cm diam. CRT (1939)

Lorenz projection CRTs (1939)

French 1939 projection tubes, for 20 and 40 kv

Lorenz projection tubes (1937)