Early Television Early Television  

General Gustave Auguste FERRIE
(1868 - 1932)

Early Television

General FERRIE, an emblematic scientist and national figure, has been an untiring worker for the birth and development of the radio in France since 1902.

Gustave Auguste FERRIE was born in Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne on November 19th, 1868. It enters the Polytechnic High School in 1887. Upon finalizing his studies, He is affected to the genius dept. of the french army, then it achieves in 1893 a three months training course at the military school of telegraphy of the Valérien Mount, where it is accomodated there by the commander BOULANGER. Promoted captain, FERRIE takes the command of this school, less than four years later. In October 1899, FERRIE and the general BOULANGER publish the first French book on T.S.F. It is the catastrophe due to the eruption of the mountain peeled in Martinique, on May 8, 1902, which gives to the French T.S.F its noble letters. The rupture of the cables submarine having stopped any connection with the metropolis, the Ministry for the Colonies requires of FERRIE to install transmitting stations of radio to restore the communications. In 1904, the government gives its agreement to the proposal of Gustave EIFFEL. to use the tower as antenna base, as well as the installation of a room located at the foot of the building. FERRIE is charged with the installation. Captain FERRIE is named Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in 1905. He is promoted lieutenant colonel in 1914 and he makes install the station of Lyon-The-Endowed, which will make it possible to communicate with the Russian allies during the First World War. In 1915, it is promoted colonel and becomes technical adviser of all the allied armies. Under its direction is installed the transmitting set of more powerful world (at the time) with Bordeaux-Cross of Hins. FERRIE continues a brilliant career showing of excellent competences as well in the military field as in the technical field. In 1922, it is named with the Academy of Science. In 1927, it becomes Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour. In May 1930, FERRIE receives its fourth star of general. However, with the wire of time, general FERRIE did not forget the sapper BARTHELEMY, shining engineer and mathematician, resulting from the University of Electricity, which was useful under its orders with military telegraphy of the Valérien Mount. As, when he learns as, at the request of the Company of the Meters of Montrouge, Rene BARTHELEMY created a laboratory of experimental television, he grants at once all the support to him which its notoriety allows him. However, general FERRIE will not know the era of cathodic television. Victim of badly looked after appendicitis, in 1932, it is embanked by a sudden attack. Whereas he calmed down, he receives large the cross of the Legion of Honor of the hands of marshal FRANCHEY of ESPEREY and dies out finally at the hospital of the Valley of Thanks to Paris, on February 16, 1932.

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