Early Television Early Television  

made by Roger DUPOUY


On this machine, the 60 lines television images are reproduced by an helicoidal assembly of 60 mirrors, according to the system of D.B. Gardner, US patented by 1928.
- The image size is 9 centimeters high by 12 centimeters width.
- Frame frequency: 25 images/sec. Motor speed=1500rpm. synchronized by P.L.L.

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The prototype in its box
Early Television Early Television

Construction steps of the prototype.

Assembly of Electronics on the frame.
Early Television

Side views showing the DC motor and the stroboscopic disc.
Early Television

Mirror screw in process of adjustment.
Early Television

Leds module for lighting the mirrors by the video signal.
Early Television

Inside view showing the rotating two leds ramps for color and monochrom.
Early Television

Pictures as seen on the machine.

Monochrome pictures from the test pattern generator.

Colour experiments.
Using 5mm RGB leds.

Using Piranhas CMS RGB leds.