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CDs, DVDs, Videos, Clothing

CD "Flipbook"

High resolution photos of the museum's collection 


DVD of 2003 Convention Complete video of the 2003 convention - 5 hours on 3 DVDs 


DVD of 2004 Convention Complete video of the 2004 convention - 5 hours on one DVD 


DVD of 2006 Convention Complete video of the 2006 convention - 5 hours on two DVDs 



T-shirt With ETF logo. Available in grey or beige, S-XL sizes 



Ball cap With ETF logo


Restoration Items


New vacuum tubes    
Decal DuMont pre-1945 and postwar sets $10

Decal Baird pre-1945 sets $10

Decal HMV pre-1945 sets $10

Replica back RCA TT-5 sets $50

Modulator kit Prewar British and American standards $30