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Early Electronic Television

Gallery of Early Electronic Sets

Many manufacturers introduced television sets before the war. Here are some of them. If you have photos of other sets, better photos of any of these, or more information on any set here, please contact us.

Advertising Literature


Air King American Television Corp. American Television Institute
Andrea Bell & Howell Belmont
Communicating Systems, Inc. Don Lee Broadcasting DuMont
Emerson Farnsworth Fulton
Garod General Electric Gilfillan Brothers
Hazeltine Majestic Meissner
National Philco Pilot
Purdue University Radio Vision Corp. RCA
Sears/Silvertone Sparton Stewart Warner
Stromberg-Carlson Unidentified United States Television Manufacturing Corp.
Westinghouse Zenith


For more information on British pre-1945 manufacturers, go to Jon Evans site

Alba Baird Beethoven
Brunswick Burndept Bush
Cossor Decca Dynatron
Ekco Ferranti Ferguson
GEC Halcyon Haynes Radio, Ltd.
HMV Invicta Kolster-Brandes
Mains Radio & Television Marconi McMichael
Mullard Murphy Peto-Scott
Philco Philips Pilot
Pye RGD Scophony
Strad Tannoy Truphonic
Ultra Unidentified


Home Made Philips  


Compagnie des Compteurs Ducretet Grammont
Emyradio Pathe-Marconi Philips
Radio-Industrie Radio L. L. Sannier
S,T,I.R. Unidentified Visiodyne (Chauvierre)


Allocchio Bacchini Radiomarelli Safar


Pictures of surviving German pre-1945 sets can be found at Gerolf Poetschke's site

Blaupunkt D. S. Loewe Radio Co. Fernseh A. G.
Lorenz Mueller TeKaDe
Telefunken Unidentified Volkfernseher


Panasonic Takayanagi Victor


17TH1/TH3 TK-1