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Early Television Broadcasting

Italian Pre-1945 Stations

Here is an article by Andy Emmerson about early Italian TV

Safar Television Studios - Rome

Safar (Societa Anonima Fabricazione Aparecchi Radiofonici), under the direction of Arturo Castellani, built this studio and transmitter in Rome, Italy, in 1939. The transmitter was located on top of Mount Mario, making the transmitter antenna about 500 feet above the average terrain of Rome. The audio carrier was at 41.0 mHz, and the video was at 44.1 mHz, with a peak visual power of 5 kw.

Directional transmitter antenna

Transmitter anode voltage regulator and rotary converter for tube filaments


Transmitter with cover plates removed

Control desk - front view

Control desk - rear view

Synchronizing apparatus and camera controls

Mockup studio at the XI National Exhibition of Radio

Inner hall of mockup studio

Entrance hall of mockup studio

The cameras used in this studio used the Telepantoscope, an unusual camera tube with electronic horizontal scanning and mechanical vertical scanning.

This 1939 article in Radio & Television shows a different studio, and a German Fernseh camera, but the same transmitting antenna.

Milan - Transmissions from Littoria Park

Experimental TV transmissions were made in 1939-40 from Littoria Park in Milan during the XI Mostra
Nazionale della Radio (9th National Radio Show).