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Postwar American Television

Magazine Articles


1948 - Year of Television Progress Operation TV Television Mountain
1950 - Banner Year for TV Pay as You Look Television's Bag of Tricks
6 Minutes on Screen, 9 Weeks of Work Popular Mechanics Presents an Original TV Production Television Over a Light Beam
Consumer Reports ratings of 1949 sets Report on UHF-TV Television Slow-Up
Demonstrator Shows TV Ills Ship-to-Shore Television TV sets in a car
Diary of a Viewer Television Covers the Game TV's New Trick: Hidden Commercials
How TV Will Take You To Conventions Television Eye Focuses on Test of Rocket Motor Wayne Bretl's articles
Is Intercontinental TV Next? Television For You What Every Family Wants to Know About Television
Is Television Ready? Television on the Job What You Want to Know About Television
Look Out for Television Television on Wheels Will TV Really Change America's Family Habits?