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Postwar American Television

Original TV Set Prices

Dear Fellow ETF Members and Friends,

The TV Dinner Club Museum* has installed a new exhibit in Akron, Ohio in a commercial Retro Mall--- The Bomb Shelter**.

We’re hoping to list the original retail prices for some of the sets that the MUSEUM has on display—and asking for your help in doing so.
Below is a partial list (there are 25-ish sets on display).

The bracketed numbers are the pages in Antique Trader Radio and Television – Price guide where a particular set is listed or shown.
Thanks in advance for reading this— any one who can help with info will be listed in the show program. Any “leads” appreciated 2.

If you know what these sets sold for originally, feel free to contact me via email or phone:  or 330-434-2509

It’s ok if it’s a set that is almost the same one listed

JVC Videosphere (pg. 143)

JVC  Video Capsule (pg. 143)

Crosley  Model 9-425 Leatherette Suitcase-Style (pg.114)

Crosley 9-403M (Blond Table-Top) (pg. 113)

Admiral 14YP3 Metal Portable Two-Tone (pg. 93)

Admiral 19A11 Bakelite Table Top (pg. 93)

Zenith G2340 (pg. 219)

Zenith G2355 (pg. 219)

Philco Predicta  “the Penthouse”  Model 4710 (pg.224)

GE Metal portable  14TO14 (pg. 228)

DuMont  Wood Table Top RA-105 (pg. 120)

GE Bakelite Table Top Model 800 (pg.133)

GE Table Top Model 806 (pg. 135)

GE Wood Table Top Model 810 (pg. 136)

Hallicrafters Metal Table Top Model T-54 (pg. 142)

Motorola Model VT-71 (pg. 149)

Philco Model 49-1150 (pg.159)

Philco Safari (Transistor) Model H2010 (pg. 162)

Philco Predicta “Holiday” Table Top (p. 163)

Philco Predicta “Barber Pole” (pg. 164)

Philco Predicta “Tandem” (pg. 164)

RCA Projection Model 741-PCS (pg. 173)

RCA  Buffet-style Console  9PC41 (pg. 176)

RCA Metal Table Top “Anniversary” Model 9T246  (pg. 177)

Sentinel Portable Leatherette Model 400 (pg. 183)

Sparton  Blond Console w/mirror Model 4918 (pg. 190)

Teletone Wood Table Top Model TV-149 (pg. 197)

Well that’s all folks! Thanks again!!!