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Early Electronic Television


TT-5  (1939) 5 inch. Vision only. Original price $199.50


TRK-5 (1939) 5 inch. Original price $295

TRK-9 (1939) and TRK-90 (1940) 9 inch. Original price $450.

TRK-12 (1939) and TRK-120 (1940) 12 inch. Original price $600.


1932 Field Test Prototype

1936 RR-359 Field Test Prototype

1936 RR-366 Prototype

This set did not have an audio amplifier, but instead broadcast the sound on a short wave frequency for reception on a standard radio



Made during World War Two

1939 Projection Set


1928 Prototype with Vladimir Zworykin, and Laboratory version of the same prototype. This was unusual it that it used magnetic deflection for the horizontal sweep, and electrostatic deflection for the vertical. It is thought that the set operated with only 48 lines, and 20 frames per second. Though we have this set under RCA, it was actually developed by Zworykin while he was still with Westinghouse. (Information from an article in the May 1996 issue of Radio Age, the Newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club, by Ludwell Sibley)

1943 Ten Inch TT-5 (probably only an artists rendition)

Radio News, August, 1939

This picture was taken at the 1939 World's Fair.  The tube was called a "flask" design.  It was a way to get a larger and flat screen.  The picture tube was in the shape of an iconoscope.  I imaging only the one was made.  I did see some reference to the spare tubes on hand for the fair and there was a spare tube at the time. (Information courtesy of Jeff Lendaro)

RCA 1940 $200 Receiver