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Television Technical Data

We now have high resolution service information and schematic diagrams for many pre-1945, postwar black and white, and early color sets posted here. Note: these are very large files. High speed connection suggested. Many of these documents have been scanned by Tom Albrecht. If you have a set you'd like the Sams or Riders scanned for, Tom has agreed to do it, as long as the material is in the public domain (generally pre- 1964 sets). Email your request to the museum, and we will forward it to Tom.

The technical manuals published here are in the public domain. If you need information on newer (post-1964) sets, please contact Sams Technical Publishing.

Pre-1945 Data
Postwar Black and White Data - A to M
Postwar Black and White Data - N to Z
Early Color Data

Scans courtesy of:

1 Tom Albrecht 7 John Folsom 13 Mark Roberts 19 Charlie Trahan 25 Tim Moritz
2 David Winter 8 Sean Barton 14 Dan Cutler 20 Kevin Kuehn 26 Ingo Kubbe
3 Bob Andersen 9 John Yurkon 15 David Holland 21 Trevor Cass 27 Roy Compton
4 Eric Hill 10 Henk van Veen 16 Miles Steuding 22 Alec Smecher 28 John Kummer
5 Chuck Azzalina 11 Tom Genova 17 Ross Baur-Sanborn 23 Jerry Proc 29 Mark Broyard
6 Heny Boyars 12 Phil Nelson 18 David Goodling 24 Paul Knaack 30 Brian Cuff