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Early Television

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Tricolor History

Here's a list of early color cathode ray tubes. All are flange-type tubes. High voltage is applied to the CRT by clipping a high-tension lead to its flange.

There is a video in a 1.2 MB avi file that can be downloaded, which shows a high-tension lead being disconnected from a 15GP22 flange.

Early Television

=====>TYPE, ....MFG, ....STATUS.
  • 15GP22, RCA, production*
  • Early Television
  • This is the famous all-glass Tricolor CRT used in most brands of NTSC color television sets manufactured early in 1954. This tube is shown with its original mounting hardware, shielding, and purity and deflection coils. Collection of Steve Dichter.

  • C73293C, RCA, experimental*
  • Early Television
  • Six bolts join the phosphor dot plate and shadow mask assemblies together in this experimental color CRT made from a metal-shell, b&w, 16AP4. The first reference to C73293 is associated with the RCA Model 1, a 16-in. Tricolor Kinescope Receiver, in April 1950. Mod 1 was in development until December 1950 with 35 sets assembled. Then, a Model 2 used this tube from December 1950 until October 1951 with 35 sets assembled. In December 1951 the Model 3 (and 3A) used the same 16-in. metal cone tube, but with a 120-degree, 3-bolt design. Thirth-three of these sets were assembled. Collection of Dave Abramson.

  • C73629, RCA, developmental
  • Early Television
  • This is an inflated version of a 15GP22, the first production Tricolor CRT. This never-produced RCA tube is probably the model on which the 19TP22, listed in a 1962 GE picture tube catalog, is based.

  • 19VP22, CBS, production*
  • Early Television
  • 19-in., DuMont, experimental
  • Early Television
  • 15-in., Zenith, experimental*
  • Early Television
  • Experimental 15GP22-like all-glass Tricolor CRT. This tube was built by Zenith without the RCA-specified electrostatic convergence element normally connected to pin 13. Used to investigate magnetic convergence. Collection of Steve McVoy.

  • 15HP22, CBS, production
  • C73599, RCA developmental
* = modern photograph.
Early Television

In late summer of 2000, my son and I documented removing 15GP22 s/n 6255 from CT-100 cabinet s/n 605. This 8-second snippet from the Hi-8 video records the bright, metallic sound the high-voltage clip made as it left the large metal flange.
Download video .

Early Television

If you missed it, here's a Tidbits II link to more about flanged CRTs.
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Early Television

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