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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set


tricolor history

Here's a list of early color cathode ray tubes. All are flange-type tubes. High voltage is applied to the CRT by clipping a high-tension lead to its flange.

There is a video in a 1.2 MB avi file that can be downloaded, which shows a high-tension lead being disconnected from a 15GP22 flange.

=====>TYPE, ....MFG, ....STATUS.
* = modern photograph.

In late summer of 2000, my son and I documented removing 15GP22 s/n 6255 from CT-100 cabinet s/n 605. This 8-second snippet from the Hi-8 video records the bright, metallic sound the high-voltage clip made as it left the large metal flange.
Download video .

If you missed it, here's a Tidbits II link to more about flanged CRTs.
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[Created 12-August-2001. Updated 13-June-2002]