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July 24 More progress on CBS Vericolor camera restoration
July 22 CRT Rebuilding workshop - August 7 - 10
  Los Angeles Times article about Lawrence Chromatron (Courtesy of James Howard)
July 16 Anyone have three identical 60s black and white sets? They are needed for a movie about LBJ. If you can help, see this.
July 15 50 Color TV Sets for New York Hotel
July 13 A Good Televiser from War Surplus
  1948 Espey advertisement
July 12 C. Frances Jenkins - Television Adventurer
  More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
July 11 Television in department store marketing
  Utiliscope camera - Radio Craft, January 1948
July 10 Marconi 706 sales documents
  Marconi 1938 Brochure
  Marconi 1939 Brochure
July 9 How to Get Bigger and Better Images (1939)
  Simplified Television For Industry (RCA paper on ITV-1 vidicon camera, courtesy of Dave Sica)
July 8 Hollywood Radio and Television Institute advertisement
July 7 RCA Halves Cost of Color TV Sets
  More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
  Radio Times Television Supplements (1936-37)
  Philips book on making CRTs (1939)
July 5 General Electric 1928 theatre television
  Build Your Own Video-Audio Set
  Convert This Set to a 9 Inch Screen
July 3 More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
July 2 Prewar Database updated: RCA TRK-120 added
July 1 1937 Bakelite advertisement
  Home Radio & Television service shop (early 30s)
  California Television Society
  General Electric 1943 advertisement
  ABC 1945 advertisement
  RCA 1945 advertisements
  W2XAB studio, 1945
  Westinghouse color dicrhoic mirror
  Cigarette card - 1937
June 30 Philco Television - 1936 article
  The Farnsworth Television Receiver - 1936 article
  Television magazine, March 1936
  Television - What it Means to the Dealer (1939)
  Television as Home Entertainment (1936)
  Television at London Radio Show (1937)
  Television - East and West (1939)
  Television in America (1937)
June 29 General Electric 800 period photo
  Ken-Rad 1944 advertisement
  NBC prewar remote telecasting
June 28 Living Test Patterns: The Models Who Calibrated Color TV
June 26 Antelope Valley Picture Tube Rebuilding Co.
June 25 More progress on CBS Vericolor CCU
June 23 RCA CRT advertisement
  1939 RCA advertisement
  More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
June 22 Restoration of a 1953 British remote van
  More progress on CBS Vericolor CCU
June 21 Troy Walters' iconoscope project
  Pye Photicon midget Image Iconoscope
June 19 Color Database updated: Emerson C-502 added
  Prewar Database updated: Marconi 707 added
June 18 Progress on CBS Vericolor CCU
June 17 Advertiserment for RCA 1849 and 1850 iconoscopes
  RCA TT-5 for sale in the classifieds
June 16 New acquisition: CBS/Remington Rand Vericolor camera
June 14 CBS RX-28 field sequential prototype
June 12 Television's First Roadshow Proves a Hit
June 6 Remington-Rand Vericolor field sequential color camera
June 5 Museum gets a new roof
  Chuck Colby's RCA WW2 camera
  NBC Chimes article about CT-100, June 1954
June 4 Restoration of a DuMont Telecruiser
May 31 Color Database updated: RCA 21CT55 added
May 29 More on prewar television in Milan, Italy
May 24 Hollywood Sees Color TV
  DuMont Electronicam advertisement
May 22 Philmore kit
May 21 New acquisition: CBS "Slave" receiver (on loan from Mike Molnar)
May 20 All-Electronic Color Television Created by RCA
  RCA 8-T-243 production line
  Vision Research Laboratories kit
May 19 1927 Bell Labs booklet - Television
  Television - Interesting Facts about this Fascinating Field
May 17 CBS Chromacoder technical specifications
May 15 CBS boom color camera
May 14 Hazeltine pre-1945 sets
  Hazeltine color projection prototype
  Hazeltine CPA prototype
  Pacific Mercury 15 inch color prototype
  Air King field sequential receiver
  CBS hand held viewer
  RCA color flying spot scanner film camera
  General Electric Color Television Microscope
May 13 New acquisition: Hickok 760 flying spot scanner
  General Electric prewar antennas
May 11 The 2016 Convention will be April 29-May 1
  RACS CRT rebuilding notebook
  More pictures of DuMont prototype 15 inch color set
  ETF Board of Directors
  ETF 2014 Financial Summary
May 10 Prewar database updated: RCA TT-5 added
  More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
  Zworykin 1929 CRT receiver
  Nick Williams will be at the museum at the end of June to rebuild CRTs. Exact dates will be posted later.
May 9 Packard Bell 1957 color sets
May 4 2015 Convention Report and auction sale prices
  ETF Bylaws
April 30 DuMont 15 inch color prototype - on loan from Dave Sica and on display at the convention
April 29 Mechanical Television - James T. Hawes' site
April 23 Two weeks until the 2015 convention - Register now
April 20 More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
April 16 New acquisition: Hollis Baird 26/36 scanner
  Progress on Restoring a 1940s 1847 Amateur Iconoscope camera
  More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
  RCA Model 5 publicity photo
April 15 Two weeks until the 2015 convention - Register now
April 9 Mechanical Database updated: Hollis Baird Model 26/36 Televisor added
  Color Database updated: Motorola 19CT1 added
April 8 More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
April 7 More progess on Cliff Benham's RCA Dealer Flying Spot Scanner restoration
  Siemens Artificial Eye
April 3 Alexander Bain proposed the concept of scanning an image into lines and pixels in 1843
  Thomas Edison predicted color TV
Mar 30 Pictures of the CBS 22 inch rectangular color set
  Data sheet for the CBS 22 inch rectangular CRT
  Modern cameras using iconoscope tubes
Mar 29 One month until the 2015 convention - Register now
Mar 28 Phil Dudley solves the mystery: MP means "Milliion Proof" on Sunset Appliance Stores coin
  Radio Laboratory
  First Puppets on Television - By My Dad
Mar 27 Mechanical Database updated: Baird Televisor added
  USTV raffle ticket
  Sunset Appliance Stores coin. What is a "MP" TV set?
Mar 24 RCA Technical Book Series available online from American Radio History
  1955 Motorola sales book (Courtesy of Wayne Bretl)
  Newspaper article about an early program from W3XK
Mar 23 “The Farnsworth Invention” by Aaron Sorkin, a play about the Farnsworth/Sarnoff fued is being presented Sunday afternoon of the Convention weekend.
  Cliff Benham's RCA Dealer Flying Spot Scanner restoration
  DuMont Electronicam
Mar 18 Mechanical Database updated: Hollis Baird Shortwave Adapter/Tuner added
  Prewar database updated: Marconi 701 added
  Hollis Baird Shortwave Adapter/Tuner
Mar 15 Progress on Restoring a 1940s 1847 Amateur Iconoscope camera
Mar 10 Prewar database updated: RCA TT-5 and Marconi 707 added
  Photos of DuMont Phasmajector
Mar 7 Restoring a 1940s 1847 Amateur Iconoscope camera
Mar 5 Fernseh FE-FBB 1943 military monitor?
  Scophony display at the 1938 Radiolympia
  Replica lucite TRK-12 on display at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne
  Installing the antenna on Mt. Whiteface, 1940
  General Electric HM-225 in 1944
  Bell Labs two way television
Mar 4 Rider pages for all sets in Vol. 3 added to the site
Mar 2 Mechanical Database updated: Daven receiver added
  Pictures of another Daven receiver
Feb 28 KTLA 1951 remote
  Baird mechanical color receiver
  Baird Notovision camera
  Baird 1928 factory
  Hugo Gernsback
  Science and Invention mechanical television
  Prototypes from Radio Dealer, April 1945 issue
  Baird T-5 at Waterloo Station
Feb 26 Baird large screen 1947 set
Feb 25 RCA documents on Tri-Color CRT development
Feb 23 Prewar database updated: Baird T21 added
Feb 19 Stancor 1961 catalog
Feb 18 Rank Cintel Flying Spot Scanner CRT
  New acqisition: Admiral neon sign
Feb 17 Singer color wheel
  1928 Baird Model B prototype?
Feb 16 Farnsworth is Working on Television for Philco
Feb 15 Pilot TV37; Electrical Repair and Operational Details (by Joe Sousa)
  Silvertone field sequential demonstration
  See! Hear! American Teleceivers for 1939 (1939)
Feb 13 RCA World War Two Iconoscope camera display
Feb 10 Prewar database updated: RCA TT-5 added
Feb 8 History of Transvision
Feb 6 World's Largest TV Picture Tubes
Feb 3 Revised list of CT-100 serial numbers
Feb 2 Broadcasting magazine article about RCA-GM picturephone
Feb 1 Eckhard Etzold's Website mirrored on the ETF site
Jan 27 WGSF-TV, educational station in Newark, Ohio
Jan 26 More presentations added to the 2015 Convention
  Industrial Closed-Circuit Television
  More on the DuMont Industrial Color system
  Radio-Electronics Article about RCA one-gun color CRT
  Color Television Systems
  Facts of the Color TV Dispute
  Magazine archives from American Radio History
Jan 25 History of Pilot Radio Corp
  14AP4 on Scientific American cover
  Bell Labs 1928 direct pickup camera
Jan 24 DuMont Consumer Div. Sold to Emerson Radio
  Color Database updated: DuMont 15" prototype added
Jan 22 Mechanical Database updated: Western 41 added
Jan 19 Color Database updated: RCA 21-CT-55 added
Jan 17 High Intensity Illuminants in Television
  How it May Be Sold
  Mechanical vs Cathode Television Systems
  The Opto-Mechanical System of Television
Jan 16 Preliminary list of 2015 Convention presentations and displays
  Biggest Color TV Campaign Underway
Jan 13 RCA CTC-5 "Whitby" assembly line
Jan 12 WTCN-TV Minneapolis
  1941 General Electric production line
  Emerson 1951 Dealer Showroom
Jan 10 You Can Now Register for the 2015 Convention
Jan 9 The Sarnoff Collection at TCNJ Facebook page
  1935 article about Crystal Palace
  Vast Employment Seen as Television Adjunct
  Cathode Ray Television - A Primer
  The Importance of Interlaced Scanning
Jan 8 We have added Ed Reitan's web pages to our website
Jan 7 Ed Reitan, color television historian and great friend of the museum, passed away on January 5 in Los Angeles. Here is a brief description of his many accomplishments.
Jan 5 Hoffman 15 inch colorcaster photo
Jan 4 Gerry Wells, the founder and president of the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum.  Gerry sadly passed away on 23rd December after a short stay in hospital.  Gerry’s funeral, for close friends and family, is on 6th January.  We will be arranging a memorial service later in the year. Gerry had the foresight to put the collection into trust and secure its current location.  We all miss Gerry terribly but are comforted by the fact his collection will remain together and in its current location for the near future.
  Jim Diaz's RCA TK-31 restoration
Jan 3 Updated list of TV restoration services
Jan 2 We are updating our list of people who restore TV sets for collectors. If you do this, please fill out this form.
  More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
Jan 1 Happy New Year!
  Rare sets added to the database in 2014: Mechanical - 15, Prewar - 18, Color - 12
Dec 31 Last chance to make a tax dedutible contribution or become a 2015 member this year.
  Color Database updated: RCA CTC-4 added
Dec 30 DuMont Portable Camera (1941)
  George Fathauer, founder of Dage, dies at the age of 93.
Dec 27 More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
Dec 24 NBC football schedule - October, 1939
Dec 23 Baird-EMI competition, 1936
  Baird control panel at Alexandra Palace
  Drawing of transmitting antenna at Alexandra Palace
Dec 19 Mechanical Database updated: Western Visionette and receiver added
Dec 16 New Acquision: National Union 2031 monotron
Dec 10 RACS equipment arrived at the museum today
  WKY Telecruiser
Dec 7 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
  More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
Dec 6 RCA Model 2
  1956 Philco ad
Dec 5 Cadillac used for mobile broadcasts
  Program schedule for first week of commerical television
  Novel Commercials in Video Debut (1941)
Dec 4 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
  Article about German prewar TV in occupied France (in German)
  Prewar Database updated: General Electric HM-275 added
Dec 1 1930 Farnsworth Image Dissector Camera
  More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
  Color Television Exhibited to IRE
  RCA World's Fair Radiogram
Nov 29 Time to renew your museum membership
Nov 26 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
Nov 25 Dealer display items
  Daily Express kit
  Mechanical Database updated: Merwyn Daily Express kit added
Nov 24 More New York Times articles about color TV - 1949-51 (Courtersy of Phil Dudley)
Nov 22 Football is Telecast Using CBS Color TV
  Hint No Freeze-End Before Color-TV
  Urges FCC to Okay Color Tele Now
  NBC remote using 1953 Cadillac
Nov 21 More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
  The RACS equipment is halfway across the Atlantic. It should be in Norfolk on the 26th, then in Hilliard by about December 1.
Nov 20 New York Times articles about color TV - 1949-51 (Courtersy of Phil Dudley)
Nov 19 DuMont 3D television
Nov 16 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
Nov 15 Pacific Mercury color set ad
Nov 14 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
Nov 12 Many more NOS black and white CRTs for sale
Nov 11 More photos from Boardwalk Empire
Nov 10 $19,985 Color Video with Wires Shown
  2 Concerns Offer TV Color Service
  Advance in Color TV Displayed by CBS
  Rules for Television Guests
Nov 9 Mechanical Set from the Museum on Boardwalk Empire
  Message to RCA Distributors
  Hollywood Radio & Television Institute 1937 diploma
Nov 8 Color Database updated: Philco TV-123 added
Nov 1 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
  Unusual Television Broadcast by Station WRGB
  WGN - new 1948 picture
  BBC televises motor race at Crystal Palace
  ICA scanner In Radio Circular Bargain Catalog - 1928
  RCA 1945 advertisement - TV relay
  NBC remote using Checker car
Oct 30 Manufacturing the Image Dissector
  More on Farnsworth 1940 Image Dissector
  Farnsworth Image Amplifier
  Image Dissector for color
  Farnsworth 1940 advertisement
  RCA Orthiconoscope (1939)
Oct 29 More on 12 inch WW2 radar tube
  Lower Television Prices Tested (1939)
  The Craft of CRT Rebuilding - video by Bob Galanter
  Color Database updated: Hoffman M4021A 21" Colorcaster added
Oct 26 12 inch WW2 radar tube
Oct 25 RCA Colorama operating instructions, alignment instructions, parts list and schematic diagrams
  CBS 205 Colortron
Oct 24 More on RCA Colorama flying spot scanner
Oct 23 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
Oct 22 New acquisition: RCA Colorama flying spot scanner
Oct 21 DuMont Telecruiser
Oct 20 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
Oct 19 Color Database updated: Admiral C322C series added
  Few Will See - January 4, 1954 Newsweek article about color TV
Oct 18 Television Today (1935)
  First Televised National Political Convention (1940)
Oct 17 On The House - 50s pinup poster
Oct 15 Hollywood Radio & Television Institute student - 1937
Oct 14 The Museum's new YouTube channel
  Home made mechanical set with "Insulating Co. of America" disk
  Mechanical Database updated: Home made mechanical set added
Oct 12 Royal Professional theatre projector
Oct 11 Another WOW-TV First
  Now for a New and Greater Television
Oct 10 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
Oct 4 NBC 1962-63 color schedule
  Griffiths Electronics guns
Oct 2 Mechanical Database updated: Hollis Baird 25/35 receiver added
  W. O. Smith letter about thermal processing
  Superior Electronics article
Sept 30 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
Sept 29 Mechanical Database updated: Daven Tri-Standard, Unidentified Italian set added
  Unidentifed Italian mechanical set
  P. C. Richard and Son, Brooklyn, NY
  1942 article about W9XBK (WBKW)
Sept 23 A tag from a Cadillac TV set. Kelly Kar was an auto dealer.Anyone know anything about this?
Sept 22 Profits in PIctcure Tube Rebuilding
  Hawkeye Operating Procedures
  Quality Testing of Cathode Ray and TV Tubes
  Manufacture of Color Picture Tubes
  Bill's Radio Supply, Conneaut, PA
Sept 21 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
  Kodachrome photo of RCA prewar camera
Sept 20 Unidentified frame for 15GP22
  Color Database updated: Motorola 19CK1 added
Sept 19 1930 W2XVB program schedule
  RCA 1930 deflection circuits for CRT receiver
Sept 18 New pictures of GPL PA-303 kinescope
  TRK-12 assembly line
  RCA 1938 television show kinescope
  More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
Sept 17 Phasitron - more information
  Prewar Database updated: Marconi 701 (British Vintage Wireless & Television Museum)
  United States Television Manufacturing Corp. prewar set
  Color TV Exhibits Signs of Maturing
  Some TV Firms Buying RCA 21-Inch Color Sets
  1st Big Color Push Seen in '56 Last Half
  Color Outlook Next Year
  Color Sales Up, But Below Hopes
Sept 16 Phasitron - what is it?
  Retailing Daily article about Col-R-Tel
Sept 14 CT-100 for sale by the museum
  More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
  Hanson Television - Leesburg, FL
  Color Database updated: RCA CT-100 and RCA CTC-4 added
  WSUN-TV, early UHF station in Florida
  RCA advertisement in Radio Age, November 1941
  WCSC-TV (Charleston, SC) remote van
  Correspondence between Hanson Television and RCA about CTC-4
Sept 13 Regal 1950 brochure
Sept 11 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
  Prewar Database updated: HMV 900, HMV 907, Marconi 702, Marconi 707, Murphy A56V, Pye 838 added (received inventory of sets from the
  British Vintage Wireless & Television Museum
Sept 10 KSTP Minneapolis-St. Paul prewar demonstration
Sept 8 More progress on the CRT rebuilding project
  GE prewar advertisement
Sept 4 First Television Broadcast NBC/RCA (1936) Part 1 Part 2
Sept 1 Color Database updated: Motorola 21CT2 added
  Mechanical Database updated: Hollis Baird 26/36 added
Aug 31 New black and white CRTs added to the for sale list
  W2XBS antenna - 1942
  Wards 1948 antenna advertisement
  Snaider/TAC advertisements
Aug 30 Television's First Month (1939)
  WTTV-TV article (courtesy of Dave Arland)
Aug 29 Nick Williams' rebuilding report from RACS
Aug 28 Article about CBS 12CC2 in Broadcasting-Telecasting, November 1951
  Pictures of Hollis Baird 26/36
Aug 26 Help us identify the CRT guns we have
Aug 25 More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
Aug 24 Vericolor Instruction Manual (courtesy of Cliff Benham)
Aug 23 See yourself on TV - coin operated cameras
Aug 20 Sylvania tube manual - CRTs
Aug 18 Gray Research monitor for use with the Remington Rand Vericolor system
  Recollections of Stanley Pitman, TV repairman 1950-70
Aug 14 Mechanical Database updated: Hollis Baird 25/35 and 26/36 added
  1944 memo about Farnsworth military camera progress
Aug 13 Video Display Corp. CRT Interchangeability Guide
  RCA Picture Tube Guide - 1961
  Bell System Technical Journal article about Western Electric 224-B CRT (Courtesy of John Folsom)
  Theatrical Television - article by Richard Wirth
Aug 11 Farnsworth 1935 camera
  The museum now has more than 125 members
Aug 9 Equipment moved into the CRT Rebuilding Room
Aug 8 American Television Corp. Picture Signal Generator
Aug 6 More on John Yurkon's project: making an all-glass 15GP22
Aug 5 Work Day this Saturday, August 9, to finish the CRT Rebuilding room
Aug 3 Color Database updated: General Electric 21C700 added
July 31 Prewar ads featuring TV
  Article in the Cincinnati Radio Dial about W2XAB
July 30 Color Database updated: RCA CTC-4, RCA TM-21 monitor added
July 23 More information on Sony Chromatron sets
July 22 2015 Convention Dates set - May 1, 2 and 3
July 21 Coming to the museum soon: General Precision Laboratories kinescope recorder
  Color Sets - Makers Slow to Apply With NPA
  RCA videotape recorders
  German Television - mid 30s (APTS video)
  BBC Color TV studio - 1956 (APTS video)
  BBC Colour Television Experiments - circa 1959 (APTS video)
July 20 New pictures of Eastman 400 projector
  New additions to Black and White CRTs For Sale and Color CRTs For Sale
  RCA TK-41 brochure
  General Electric PE-350 Brochure
  I.C.A. model 45 advertisement - 1928
  Baker TV Radio - Placerville, CA
  Orange Radio & Television Service
  Turks Radio & TV Service - Lishon Falls, ME
July 16 Projection CRT used in prototype TRK-12
  Adjusting the Gray Research monitor motor sync
  National Television mirror screw
  General Electric theatre television (1930)
  General Electric 1938 camera
  Farnsworth film chain (1941)
  W2XB New York to Schenectady relay receiving antenna
  DuMont 195 front view
  WRGB studio, control room and studio lights (1941)
  RCA prewar field camera in a car
  DuMont televising army maneuvers (1941)
July 15 The Last CRT Factory in Europe
July 14 Excel toy TV movie projector
July 13 DuMont TC-100 vidicon camera
  Dage Industrial vidicon cameras
  Philco Safari advertising item
  Trans-View Entertainer brochure
July 12 Progress report on CRT rebuilding
July 10 RCA TRK-120 and Andrea KT-E-5 at Estes Auctions - July 26
  Revised CT-100 serial number list from Pete Deksnis
July 7 Whole house TV antenna
July 6 Air King field sequential color sets
  Nipper & Chipper RCA dog house promotion package
July 5 RCA Nipper dolls
July 4 Happy 4th!
  Dage Sation Dispay Unit
July 1 Prewar Database updated: Emyradio 6 inch 455 line (1939), Grammont 1937 model added
  Mechanical Database updated: Unidentified French 1931 Radio-phono-TV added