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Dec 10 Report on the status of CRT rebuilding at the museum
Dec 9 Re-attaching the base to a CRT
Dec 6 Progress on Diamond Image Dissector Camera restoration
Dec 1 Progress on Diamond Image Dissector Camera restoration
Nov 27 WDTV, DuMont Network and The 1948 FCC “Freeze”
Nov 25 Time to renew your museum membership for 2019
Nov 24 Prewar Cossor 54 for sale ad posted previously is a scam
  Restoration started on Diamond Power Co. Image Dissector camera
Nov 19 New acquisition: Philco 50-T-1477
Nov 18 Western Visionette console model
Nov 16 Museum Videos by Arland Communications
Nov 13 Telefunken RFB/T2. First rectangular CRT (1938).
Nov 12 Good used 10BP4s and Predicta CRTs for sale
Nov 11 Mechanical Database Summary updated: Hollis Baird model 25/35 receiver added
Nov 10 YouTube videos of Richard Diehl's work with image dissector camera tubes
Nov 4 W6XYZ and KTLA photos from Don Kent
Nov 2 Barry Bennett's update on TK-41 restoration
  Television’s On Screen Graphics, new article by Richard Wirth
Oct 31 Diamond Power model 300 tecnical papers, schematic diagrams
Oct 29 Diamond Power model 300 Utilitscope camera
Oct 28 More pictures of the Farnsworth postwar prototype
Oct 22 Russian Iconoscope camera
  Russian flying spot scanner
Oct 21 German prewar database summary updated
  Russian commutator type scanner
Oct 17 Articles found by Marshall Wozniak about the Raytheon 15 inch color set
  British Television by Wire - early cable TV in England
Oct 15 Who sold the first NTSC color set page revised
Oct 14 Mechanical Database Summary updated: Home made scanning disk televisor added
Oct 6 Gerolf Poetschk's site (German mechanical and prewar) added
  British, German and European mechanical database updated
Oct 2 New contender for first NTSC color set sold to the public: Philharmonic.
  Convention dates corrected: May 3 - 5, not May 4-6
Oct 1 New classified ad section: Restoration and Technical Information
Sept 30 Color Database Summary updated: CBS 205 added
Sept 28 Watching Remote Baseball Games Live Before Television - article by Mark Schubin
Sept 26 Diamond ST-2 vidicon camera
  Bell Labs mirror screws
Sept 25 Complete Jenkins Instruction Book - assembly of the JK-20 receiver kit
Sept 24 Mechanical Database Summary updated: GE Octagon, Hollis Baird RK-1 and R-400, Western Visionette added
Sept 22 ETF Board of Directors meeting minutes - August 13, 2018
Sept 18 ATI Curriculum for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Television Engineering
Sept 17 Jenkins Instruction Book
Sept 16 Pye 838
  BBC 1939 audience survery letter
  Jenkins JK-20
Sept 7 Reminder - Fall Swapmeet is Tomorrow
Sept 6 Ad for Westinghouse 19 inch color set in the Pittsburgh Press
  Surviving Early Color Database Summary updated: Westinghouse H840CK15 added
Sept 2 General Electric wired remote
Aug 30 Mysteries at the Museum features the Early Television Museum
Aug 29 Color TV in Milwaukee - 1954
  Television in Milwaukee
Aug 26 Mechanical Database Summary updated: Jenkins 100 added
Aug 25 Audio clip of Franklin Roosevelt from 1944, in which he mentions television
Aug 23 Our parking lot has been repaired
Aug 14 Peter Scott's Emitron web pages
  Peter Scott's Prewar Television web pages
  Peter Scott's 1936 Olympics web pages
Aug 12 CBS and New York’s Grand Central Terminal - an article by Richard Wirth
  General Electric Single Tube Color Camera
Aug 11 Motion Pictures by Ether Waves - 1925 article
Aug 10 ETF Annual Meeting minutes, May 6, 2018
Aug 8 RCA TRK-12 for sale in Classifieds
  More information on our Motorola 16CK1
  Details for September 8 Fall Swapmeet
Aug 5 Museum audio tours
Aug 3 NTSC color work at the CBS color studio (courtesy of Wayne Bretl)
  Color Database Summary updated: Sylvania 451 added
Aug 2 Fall Swapmeet with be September 8. Details to follow.
  New acquisition: Motorola 16CK1
  Color Database Summary updated: Motorola 16CK1, Motorola 19CK2 and Westinghouse 890CKU19 added.
July 30 New acquisition: Diamond Power 400 Utiliview camera
July 26 German Tonne WW2 guided missle camera
  German miniature "super iconoscope" camera tube
July 23 Sears, Brooklyn CBS color TV demonstration (July 1951)
  Documents relating to my Paul Steen, instructor at the American Radio Institute in 1951
July 22 New acquistion: Raytheon-Belmont 7DX22-P
July 19 Article in Atlas Obscura, July 11, 2018
June 29 Carlos Alberto Fazano has just published a book titled "The Thermionic Age in Brazil. A Historical overview on valves and kinescopes."
  ATSC 3.0 Engineering Conference reception at the museum.
June 21 New acquisition: Drug store tube tester
  Image from a monoscope from California that was donated to the museum.
June 18 First U.S. TV set for sale to the public before World War Two
  Scophony Theater Television
  Scophony Television Plans
  Scophony Video System Explained to FCC
  Television Signals Flow throught a Metal Pipe
  Energy Flows Through a Pipe
  Visual Receivers Pushed in London
  Television Receivers Abroad
  Television Activity is Spurred as Paramount Acquires Rights
  Farnsworth Shows Visual Equipment
June 9 Many thanks to Ken Ellis of Columbus for his work in cleaning up the mess outside the museum. He spent many hours picking up, bagging and putting stuff on the trailer to be hauled away.
May 21 Surviving Color Database Summary updated: Westinghouse H840CK15 added
May 16 Surviving Prewar Database Summary updated: RCA TRK-120 added
May 15 WBNS-TV Out of Bounds segment about the Early Television Museum
May 11 Articles and items relating to Farnsworth from Phil Savenik
  WHIO-TV, Dayton, Ohio
May 10 Resolution charts and test patterns
May 9 2018 Convention report and photos
  Dan Jones' Philco Predicta workshop at the 2018 Convention
  CBS sign
  LongWeekends article
May 4 New acquision: Raytheon 15 inch color prototype
May 3 Estate Planning for Television Collectors
May 1 Surviving Color Database Summary updated: Raytheon prototype 15" added
  Home Television Magnetic-Tape Player
Apr 27 New acquisition: 6 foot tall RCA Nipper
April 21 New acquisition: Channel Master antenna rotor display
Apr 15 Revised list of surviving RCA CT-100s
Apr 5 New Shape for Color TV Tubes - 25 inch Rectangular (courtesy of Tom Kredatus)
Mar 31 RCA 30 KW UHF transmitter
Mar 28 Index of books and magazines, pamplets, etc.. now online
Mar 24 More information on Jenkins mechanical sets
  Mechanical Database Summary updated: Jenkins 202 and JD-30 added
Mar 22 Surviving Early Electronic Set Database Summary updated: Andrea 1-F-5 added
Mar 19 Color picture tube interchangeablity guide
Mar 15 Mechanical Database Summary updated: Plew 1934 scanning disk added
Mar 9 New acquisition: Scott 6T11
Mar 8 Camera Cranes from the Beginning
Mar 7 Theater Television on the Rise - Televiser Monthly article
  DuMont TA-107 sync generator
  General Electric 1948 equipment
  A. T. & T, Announces New Television Network Expansion - 1948 Televisor Monthly article
  CBS Plans - 1948 Televisor Monthly article
  National Conventions have TV Broadcasters Pooling Resources - 1948 Televisor Monthly article
  WPTZ Trying Out Varied Programming Ideas - 1948 Televisor Monthly article
  WPIX New York
  Television Receiver Distribution - 1948 Televisor Monthly article
Mar 5 Documents related to programming and operations at WBKB - 1945 to1948
  AMA Television Handbook - WBKB 1947
  Audience surveys - WBKB 1947 and 1948
  The Pulse of New York Television - 1948 audience survey
  Continuity of Action in the Televising of Baseball Games - 1948
  Television Remote Operations - 1948
  Los Angeles advertising rate cards - 1950
Mar 4 Television show scripts from WBKB Chicago - 1946
Mar 3 Television show scripts from WBKB Chicago - 1944 and 1945
  Morton Tuller, early television pioneer at WBKB Chicago
Mar 2 Denis Asseman's Telehor replica
Feb 27 Updated list of RCA 21-CT-55 (CTC-2B) serial numbers from Pete Deksnis
Feb 26 Washington, DC area programs in CBS color
Feb 23 Color Database Summary updated: Sylvania 31T series, RCA 21-CT-55 and CTC-4 added
Feb 22 Early Television Museum featured on Mysteries at the Museum on the Travel Channel tonight at 9 EST
Feb 21 Color Database Summary updated: RCA 21CT55 modified for 625 line NTSC experiments in Switzerland.
Feb 19 Color Database Summary updated: RCA TM-21 monitor added
Feb 18 Picture Generator for Color Television - August 1951 Electronics magazine article
Feb 17 Color Database Summary updated: RCA 21-CT-55 added
Feb 15 Mechanical Database Summary updated: Hollis-Baird C-3-S receiver added
Feb 9 Sentinel SelectaVision Coin Operated TV Set
Jan 30 Douglas 1953 Remote Control TV Set
  Items now being accepted for the 2018 convention live auction
Jan 25 You can now register for the 2018 convention
Jan 23 Color Database Summary updated: CBS 205, Col-R-Tel, Motorola 19CT1 added
  Clio article about the museum by Steven Straley
  RCA Spherical Iconoscope (ca 1934)
Jan 18 Society of Broadcast Engineers Chapter 52 Bulletins
Jan 16 Ohio Magazine article, January 2018
Jan 15 Ohio Group Travel Guide - 2018
Jan 13 Histoire de la télévision - André Lange's new site (in French)
Jan 12 November 16, 2017 Early Television Foundation Board Meeting minutes
Jan 10 Vee D X antenna rotor
Jan 7 Hickok 760 Video Scanner
Jan 2, 2018 Happy New Year!
  During 2017, we added 9 mechanical, 4 prewar, and 11 early color sets to our databases
Dec 22 More on Guillermo Gonzalez Camanera, Mexican television pioneer
Dec 21 Guillermo Gonzalez Camanera, Mexican television pioneer
  RCA Coloring Book - courtesy of Dave Arland
Dec 20 Are TVs really cheaper than ever? - CNET article
  Color Database Summary updated: Gom-Cam field sequential receiver added
Dec 19 Gon-Cam receivers
Dec 18 1962 Transvision kit set
  Mechanical Set Database Summary updated: Baird Televisor Kit added
Dec 15 Television - Practical Demonstrations Over WRNY - Radio News, July 1928
  Television Out-of-Doors - Radio News, September 1928
  Television in Natural Colors Demonstrated - Radio News, October 1928
  How Stereoscopic Television is Shown - Radio News, November 1928
  Successful DX Work Marks Radio Movie Transmission - Radio News, November 1928
  Complex Television to Give Large Images - Radio News, December 1928
  Several Wavelengths Used for High Frequency Television - Radio News, December 1928
Dec 12 Color Champion CRT rebuilding plant advertisement
Dec 3 Mechanical television articles from Radio News added from 1928
Dec 2 1946 DuMont (GE) image orthicon camera