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Early Electronic Television

Build Your Own TV Set

Before World War Two several magazine articles appeared in the U.S. and Britain giving details on building TV receivers. Here are some of them.

American Designs

10 by 8 Inch Television Images An Electrostatic-Deflection Kinescope Unit
Adapting "R & T" Television Receiver for 7" Tube How to Build a 441 T. R. F. Television Receiver
Adding a 3 inch C. R. Tube to the Low Cost Television Receiver Low Cost Experimental Television Receiver
Build Your Own Television Receiver Philadelphia Wireless Technical Institute receiver
Build Your Own Video-Audio Set RCA Encourages Amateurs
Building a Low Cost Television Receiver Television Training Institute receiver
Building Television Receivers with Standard CRT Tubes The R & T Videophone
The Construction of Television Receivers The 10-Tube "R & T" Television Receiver
Convert This Set to a 9 Inch Screen Using Electromagnetic-Deflection Cathode-Ray Tubes
A Deflection and Video Chassis for Television Reception Using Your Oscilloscope for Television Reception
A Design for Living - With Television  

British Designs

Book of Practical Television receiver
Wireless World television receiver
Popular Wireless receiver

Modern Replicas

HMV 904 replica made by Victor Barker
Chauvierre Visiodyne Baby replica made by André Chompret
Replicas made by Jack Neitz