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RCA T-100. I am re-purposing the TV cabinet and would like to find someone who could use the guts of this TV. Everything is there and looks in good shape but I do not know 
the condition as I did not try and plug it in. I am in Jacksonville, NC. David, dkekacs at ec dot rr dot com (2/26/15)
Free color TVs, RCA and Zenith, most late 60s early 70s. Also early 60s Zenith B&W metal case 23 inchers. located in Richmond, VA. Must move soon. About 6 color consoles, 3 B&W sets. Not working when stored, probably have not fixed themselves! Located in VA. Frank, corvairduval at netscape dot net (1/10/15)
Free: Zenith Console TV Chromacolor II, model H-23829-7. Located in NC. Steve, difference11 at aol dot com (9/11/2014)
RCA 8T241 FREE: I forgot I started to repair a 8T241 back about 35 years ago. The pic tube was good then but video quality was poor. I started to sweep the IF's and do a complete alignment but then got disinterested. The case/knobs/covers are all there but disassembled. The chassis was on the floor of a rather dry basement but did pick up some rust where it touched the floor. All tubes will go with unit. I live in Rhinebeck, NY and am willing to give this away for parts or to complete the restoration to anyone interested. I really don't want to throw it away. The cabinet is in very good condition. I would say the pic tube is also. My e-mail is cjv at 1791 dot com and ask for Carl. (8/20/14)

FREE RCA model G34170AT "Cinema Screen" TV console that was given to me by my brother-in-law - the original owner. 34-inch, 1996 model - one of the first wide (16:9) sets. Not working but I suspect not much wrong with it either. I would give it to anyone who wants it and can come get it. It is a big beastie but I have all the books and both remotes. I would prefer not to junk it out but it is too big for me to keep either. It is in climate-controlled storage now - very good cosmetics. Located in IN. John, 260-429-8202, John_D_Foell at raytheon dot com (5/15/14)