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Free: Zenith Console TV Chromacolor II, model H-23829-7. Located in NC. Steve, difference11 at aol dot com (9/11/2014)
RCA 8T241 FREE: I forgot I started to repair a 8T241 back about 35 years ago. The pic tube was good then but video quality was poor. I started to sweep the IF's and do a complete alignment but then got disinterested. The case/knobs/covers are all there but disassembled. The chassis was on the floor of a rather dry basement but did pick up some rust where it touched the floor. All tubes will go with unit. I live in Rhinebeck, NY and am willing to give this away for parts or to complete the restoration to anyone interested. I really don't want to throw it away. The cabinet is in very good condition. I would say the pic tube is also. My e-mail is cjv at 1791 dot com and ask for Carl. (8/20/14)

I have several vintage TV's to give away. They all do work---and pretty good for their ages. I have 2--RCA floor models 21" that date back to the mid 50's. I have 1--Zenith floor model 21" which works very well. I have an early 60's RCA 21" Color floor model, Victorian style. Works pretty good and looks good.. I also have vacuum tubes to go with these sets. I have other vintage electronics one might be interested in also. I do have pictures of all of my electronics if interested--some as they are playing. I included 2 pictures here. Local pick-up only, but I'm available to help load. Located in TN. Mike, miknor1 at gmail dot com (8/4/14)


FREE RCA model G34170AT "Cinema Screen" TV console that was given to me by my brother-in-law - the original owner. 34-inch, 1996 model - one of the first wide (16:9) sets. Not working but I suspect not much wrong with it either. I would give it to anyone who wants it and can come get it. It is a big beastie but I have all the books and both remotes. I would prefer not to junk it out but it is too big for me to keep either. It is in climate-controlled storage now - very good cosmetics. Located in IN. John, 260-429-8202, John_D_Foell at raytheon dot com (5/15/14)


FREE PARTS! Pickup only - Green Brook NJ. Clearing elderly uncles house. Would like to find a home for capacitors, resistors, fuses etc. Not sure if working condition. Several boxes. See pics for samples. First come, first served. Kathleen, Kitkathands at comcast dot net (2/3/14)


I have three antique TVs that were left to me by a relative - he knew I collected radios so he figured I'd want the TVs as well. They are FREE to whoever wants them.

1 -- Sylvania HaloLight model 21T103W, model name "Balmoral", 1956. In decent shape overall.

2 -- Westinghouse H951T24 (blond finish). In very good shape overall.

3 -- Philco 22B4309. 1953 (I think). Unfortunately, this one has a broken CRT; the neck got broken off by a careless helper during a move. It is intact and in OK shape otherwise.

I saw the the Sylvania powered up several years ago, and the halo light worked and there was a raster and noise, but there was no antenna so I never saw an actual picture. I have not powered the others on. You will need to pick up. I can help load onto your truck or trailer. Thanks! Located in NH. Vernon, vernon.miller at comcast dot net (9/24/13)





Vintage Admiral TV Cabinet - Rotoscope model 37K28B - Model dates to 1951. Admiral (Master Care) 37K28B Photofact 135 - 2 1951. it is not a working device, all the electronics are gone from the cabinet, but the wonderful black & white TV screen is still inside the box with the controls at one time it had a radio and record player inside the cabinet as well as the TV. The dimensions of the cabinet are approximately 37" high by 37" wide and 22" deep. The provenance is that the TV belonged to my husband's family, they bought it brand new in 1951. Located in Boston area. Melissa, melissa.brokalakis at gmail dot com (9/3/13)