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Prewar TV Sets for Sale/Wanted

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RCA TRK-12. It's time to "thin the herd". It is becoming apparent that I will not have time to restore and fully appreciate many of the radios and TVs I have in my collection so I am selling some of my sets. This TRK-12 is an excellent set. Picture tube lites up. Cabinet is in what I consider excellent condition with only minor scratches. I restored the radio supply with NOS cloth wire, etc but have gone no further with the restoration. If interested please contact me by email or phone. Located in TX. Fred, 361-877-4000, fredh at pakratz dot com (8/6/15)


RCA Victor TT-5 television attachment. Original finish and original un-restored chassis. More photos available upon request.  $15K or would be open to trade. John, 724-493-4211, vts1134 at gmail dot com (6/17/15)


Wanted: Pre-war HMV 904 (with 5” screen) or HMV 905 (with 7” screen) tabletop television or similar set (such as a Marconi). Kevin at¬†patrick97214 at hotmail dot com (1/11/15)