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Early Electronic Television

Ekco TA201 Technical Information

Single channel TRF. 45.0 mHz video, 41.5 mHz audio. 7 inch CRT (Mazda CRM-71) triode. Magnetic focus and deflection, approx. 50 degrees. Has audio detector but no audio output amplifier or speaker.


Vision Chassis
Video RF amplifier 3 SP41 TRF - 42 -45 mHz
Video detector 1 D1  
Video amplifier 1 SP41
Sync separator 2 D1
Sync amplfiier 1 SP42
Time Base Chassis
Horizontal (line) oscillator 1 T41 Gas thyratron
Horizontal (line) output 1 AC6PEN
Vertical (frame) oscillator 1 T41 Gas thyratron
Vertical (frame) output 1 PEN45
Sound Chassis
Audio RF amplifier 1 VP41 41.5 mHz
Audio RF amplifier 1 SP41 41.5 mHz
Audio detector/amplifier 1 HL41DD
Power Supply Chassis
Rectifier 1 UU4 B+ for sweep circuits
Rectifier 1 UU4 B+ for other circuits
HV (EHT) rectifier 1 U21 3500 VDC