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Donations of Equipment and Other Items

The museum accepts donations of equipment, and your contribution may be tax deductible since we are a 501 c 3 non-profit foundation. If you have an item to donate, you can print out this form, fill it out, and bring it with you with the equipment.

The following have generously made donations of equipment and other items to the foundation. We greatly appreciate their contribution to the preservation of early television history.

2018 Donations

Adele Catanzaro Columbus, OH DuMont console TV set
Raymond "Woody" Woodward Roanoke, VA P.C. Electronics TVC4 Amateur TV Downconverter
Richard Hertel Fort Wayne, IN Binder with Farnsworth photos, Diamond Power documents
Tim Smith Plain City, OH Test equipment, Webster Electric recorder
Tim Coyle Australia Teletone TV-149, restored
Kent Murphy   Phillips 1960-70 TV set
Jan Schlegler Columbus, OH Vacuum tubes
Chuck Azzalina Perkasie, PA HP spectrum analyzer, RCA TK-41 manual
Tom Barnes Keystone Heights, FL RCA 8-TR-29 and Heathkit GR-2000 TV sets
Geoff Pomeroy Westerville, OH RCA 6-T-71 TV set
Mark Hathaway Columbus, OH Tube caddy and tubes
Charlene Underwood   Drugstore tube tester
Jerry Lynch Mansfield, OH Motorola 1949 TV set
Cliff Benham West Grove, PA 3M P-50 proc amp
Phil Savenick Los Angeles, CA Articles and items relating to Farnsworth
Richard J. Hertel Ft. Wayne, IN Resolution charts and test patterns
Jay Procenko Los Angeles, CA Philco Safari TV set and manual
William Orrin and Judith Marie Morrison and family Berkeley, IL Raytheon 15 inch color TV set
Joe Pagano Totowa, NJ RCA CT-100 color TV set
Tim Poliniak Cheektowaga, NY Large CBS sign
Cynthia Cozart Culpeper, VA 28 TV sets, misc. part and other items
Ken Gilbert Columbus, OH Admiral 34R15 TV set
David Zechar Washington, DC Sinclair B&W portable television. Misc vacuum tubes and parts.
Melvin Baranski Westchester, IL Scott 6T11
Jerry Traub Vallejo, CA Zenith Mayflower porthole TV set
Teresa Barchuk Texas Vee D X antenna rotor control

Equipment donations from previous years