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Early Broadcast Equipment

KTBX-TV Mobile Van

This picture was sent to us by Richard Gray of New Orleans. He found it in Bay Saint Louis, MIssissippi, and says it has been there for years. I found no record of a KTBX-TV, channel 15.

This is from Carl's Photo Gallery:

Now this is another mystery for me. What the heck is an old 60s era television station van doing in Bay St. Louis? Is one of the residents a collector of television station memorabilia and restored this to original form? Could it be a prop from some movie long ago and someone owns it as a collectible? Did I enter the Twilight Zone? Who knows? If someone does know, please email me. I've done plenty of research online and found absolutely no record of a KTBX-TV Channel 15 station corresponding to this van nor any "AIF Productions" (seen on the rear of the van). Furthermore, the lack of a network logo of any kind on the van leads me to believe that this may have actually been a prop for a TV show or movie and that someone in Bay St. Louis collected it and maintained it.