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Chuck Pharis' Prototype TK-40 Restoration

Early Television

Chuck Pharis has begun the process of restoring this historic camera. It was made in 1952-52 and is probably the earliest surviving color camera. His progres will be documented here.

November 14, 2016

I have been slowly restoring my RCA 1952/53 TK-40 Prototype camera. Just got the body panels back from the paint shop. I believe this camera is the oldest RCA TK series color camera known. Note the original black turret. I have not painted it and might not..

The inside is empty and I will slowly restore the electronics to as original as possible. Photos will be posted on line as I continue through the restoration. I also have most of the original support equipment. 

I do not believe this one will ever work. Originally before it was used in the early remote truck, it was used indoors and had a focus handle on the right door like the TK-11s and 30s. You can still see the mounting holes. Through the years RCA and NBC updated the optics to a TK-41C.

Early Television