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Postwar American Television

Zenith Phonevision

Zenith had experimented with pay television as early as 1931. By 1947 they had a working system and in 1951 they introduced Phonevision. After receiving FCC approval, they began a 90 day test run with 300 families from the Lakeview-Lincoln Park area in Chicago. More information on Phonevision can be found at the Chicago Television History site.

Popular Mechanics, October 1947

Popular Science, October 1947

The following is from a 1954 Zenith publication The Zenith Story

Courtesy of Al Anderson




Zenith equipped some of its 1951 model sets with a connector for Phonevision. Below are pages from a Zenith owners manual.

From the 1953 Zenith Corp. Annual Report

Phonevision converter

Courtesy of Larry Auman