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"Pick" Temple

Early Television

Courtesy of  Dr. L. Parker Temple III


The following is from Dr. L. Parker Temple, son of "Pick":

I found your website and was fascinated by the chronology of the CBS system.  I have some additional information about the testing and the FCC certification.

My father had a TV show in DC from the late 1940s through the mid-1960s.  He began in DC with WTOP, and had the afternoon kids’ show timeslot, becoming the most popular TV show on local TV for the decade.  In the early 1950s, CBS used his show as part of the trials for the color wheel system because the show itself was very colorful – every day he had on a group of kids in western outfits.  Apparently, none of that survives.  I have his daily diaries, which he started just as he went into TV, and kept rigorously every day thereafter until the run was over in 1965.  It would take some effort, but I am sure he wrote about the experience in his diary – it would just be a bit difficult to pin down the date – the diaries are voluminous.

In 2012, I donated his memorabilia to the National Capital Radio and TV Museum, which included some later kinescopes converted to video.  Also, Bob Bell put together a website which includes a lot of informationa bout my father – you can find it at: