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Pre-1945 Antennas

Outdoor antennas are required for good reception of TV. Before the war, TV stations had limited transmitter power, and receivers had poor sensitivity, so an antenna was almost a necessity. Here are articles about pre-1945 antennas. Here are some of the antennas used before World War Two:

American Antennas

RCA Field Strength Test Antenna

Don Lee Antenna (1939)

Andrea Teleceptor (1939)

RCA antennas. Top left is a stacked dipole, in the middle is a stacked dipole with reflectors, and at the bottom is a "double V". Right is a photo of the stacked dipole with reflectors. Here are more details , an article in Service magazine, and an ad in Lafayette Radio 1940 catalog.

Popular Mechanics, January 1940


From 1942 catalog




This is an earlier RCA antenna, probably for use with their 1936 field trials

Courtesy of Darryl Hock



Service, September 1939




Lafayette Radio 1940 catalog

Radio & Television, July 1940

Popular Mechanics, August 1940

General Electric HT-8 and HT-10



Popular Science, September 1941 

British Antennas

1936 British TV Antenna

Pye pre-1945 antennas