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Postwar American Television

Rider Index

Technical data on some sets

A & S Farnsworth Motorola Sears, Roebuck
Admiral Gamble-Skogmo Northern Electric Sears, Roebuck
Admiral General Electric Pacific Mercury Sears, Roebuck
Admiral Hallicrafters Philco Sheraton
Admiral Hallicrafters Philco Sparton
Admiral Hoffman Philco Sparton
Allied Purchasing Hoffman Philco Stolle
Arvin Hoffman RCA Stromberg-Carlson
Automatic Kaye-Halbert RCA Sylvania
Capehart Macy's RCA Sylvania
Capehart Magnavox RCA Teletone
Capehart Magnavox RCA Travler
CBS Columbia Magnavox RCA Western Auto
Crosley Magnavox RCA Westinghouse
Crosley Majestic Raytheon Westinghouse
DeWald Meck Raytheon Westinghouse
DuMont Meck Scott Zenith
Emerson Montgomery Ward Sears, Roebuck Zenith
Emerson Motorola Sears, Roebuck Zenith
Emerson Motorola Sears, Roebuck  

 Scans courtesy of Chuck Azzalina